Dekko 2

  • I have Dekko 2 installed on my phone, but I can not get it:
    Notification to the mail entry.
    Enter the INBOX folder when opening.
    Someone can guide me.
    Thank you

  • There is a lot of info in the support section. The heading to look for is Dekko 2 issues. The app is still being developed at present and so has issues. There are not any notifications so far.

  • I have Deko 2 on all my UBPort devices and I get notifications coming through for all the emails. The problem I find is that I cannot open Deko 2 from the notifications or delete unwanted emails from the notifications. I also find that I receive notifications for all my days emails even if they have previously been deleted.

    If you look on GitLab that is where the Deko 2 issues/new feature requests are being logged. You can look there to see if these have been raised before and if not you can raise them.

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