• Long time boot for my device. More specifically, my device boots two times before getting the screen where is entered PIN code. Is it a bug corrected for bq 4.5 device ? If it is yes in what channel

  • I've got same device and it has never happened to me, I'm currently on the "Release Candidate" version, but when I was on the "Stable" channel it worked well too.

  • Ok. For me, I tried dev mode 46 and it works only for this, not for rc 10 or stable 2.

  • I'm affected to this bug, too.

  • I have an E5 and never had any issues with double boots and time taken to boot up. However I have the M10 which takes a long time to boot, this is a known issue. Also I have the OnePlus One and that does a double boot all the time. Both devices are on the rc stream. Have you raised a GitHub issue for this?

  • @UKPhil
    Thanks for your answer.

    As i said, on dev mode, now we are in 51, i don't have the double boot. But it was a strange bug in rc because sometimes i had double boot, sometime simple boot !! I'm no sure of the raison but since i manage to fully desinstall (i was in dev 50) indicator torch that don't work on bq 4.5, everything seems ok. But i stay in dev.. and wait the last stable ota.

    I don't have long time boot on my m10, i am on RC.

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