Version 1.1 of the virtual machine used in the ubuntu touch programming course

  • Good afternoon.

    I'm preparing the next version of the virtual machine. The changes you will have are:

    • Updated system (Ubuntu Mate and SDK).
    • Reduce the size of the virtual machine.

    The virtual machine has the following features:

    • Ubuntu 16.04 with the Mate desktop. SDK already configured with IDE icon on the desktop. The workshop exercises are saved in the User Folder.

    The credentials are:

    • User: ubucon
    • Password: ubucon

    Links are public. I would ask you to download the resources using the short link because that way I can have some statistics.

    Do you want me to add another option? I hope to publish the next version before Christmas.

    New packages:

    • Snapcraft

  • @mimecar Nice work. Thanks a lot

  • When trying to build the snap that the IDE wizard creates you get:

    ' error: Snapcraft not found.'

    Maybe you can take a look at that.

  • Hi @wdehoog,

    Snapcraft is NOT installed on the virtual machine. You can install it with:

    sudo apt-get install snapcfraft

    If the problem continues, can you send me the project for testing?

  • @mimecar Thanks. Installed it and it works.

    The built snap is 96MB. The project is the unmodified thingy that the wizard creates. Oh well.

  • Ok.

    I add Snapcraft to the package list.

  • i'm not able to open the vm. what steps need to be done to start the vm? i installed virtualbox, but *.vdi is not possible to open...

  • Hi @Einstein212, What operating system are you using? What is the VirtualBox version?

  • @mimecar my VirtualBox Version is 5.0.40 and my operating system is kubuntu 16.04

  • The steps for using the virtual machine are:

    • Create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Ubuntu, 64 bits.
    • Assigns the RAM memory of the virtual machine.
    • Copy the VDI file to the VirtualBox folder and select it in the next step.
    • Follow the Wizard steps.
    • Configure the virtual machine to use virtualization extensions.

    Run the virtual machine, do you get any errors?

  • @mimecar thanks for your fast answer. it's my first time working with virtualbox. Normaly i use vmware.

    I followed your steps and the vm is starting without any problems... now i can try to work on my mpd client... thanks a lot.

  • Perfect. I have to update the SDK installation chapter to add the use of the virtual machine and the modifications in the latest version of Ubuntu.

    If you have any questions with the use of the virtual machine ask me.

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