Organize and stimulate promotion of UBports Ubuntu Touch

  • To accelerate community dynamics, it is necessary to communicate as effectively as possible by targeting the audience most likely to be interested in this project. It seems to me that the next two steps could be the right ones:

    1. speak to the community of tens of millions of Ubuntu users. To do this, at least one member of the UBports Ubuntu Touch community in each country should relay information and news in the relevant forum or mailing list: Recently, I started this for the French forum.

    2. identify sites used by developers, especially FOSS developers, and in the same way, regularly promote project progress and solicit contributions if necessary by subsidising them.

    If these two stages are carried out regularly and systematically, the Ubports community should continue to grow rapidly and regularly, making the UBports project increasingly attractive and useful.

  • Infrastructure

    The question is, are we ready to serve?

    You have to see, a too big demand for the project could turn into negative feelings, effectively having a negative impact on everything:

    • Not enough devices are enabled, especially you cannot buy new hardware ATM
    • Our release cycles are lagging and we need more hands as developers
    • Our server capacities might get overrun
    • 16.04 is a must to offer it to a wider audience

    I am afraid of a day when I wake up and suddenly we got 10k more users - We dont want to dissapoint them. So, organic growth is important, its slow and unpredictable, but once we reach a certain stage we will also ramp up marketing.


  • @Flohack
    With my proposals, I don't think there is a risk of being suddenly overwhelmed by newcomers.
    Moreover, If we take as a reference the monthly registrations at the forum, since October they are down compared to the period from April to September:
    April 133
    May 93
    June 156
    July 64
    August 76
    September 106
    October 77
    November 51

    Many people may have an interest in such a project and to be kept informed of its evolution without being active users of the product and therefore without consuming resources (apart from the use of the forum and web resources).
    And some of these people are likely to make donations.
    It's my case, for the moment I keep using the Canonical version of Ubuntu Touch.

  • @libremax
    just off topic, but what's the advantage of keeping the Canonical version of Ubuntu Touch?
    The UBports developer already fixed a lot of bugs, made it more stable and smooter than the Canonical version.
    Also since month there are no more updates coming from Canonical.

  • Infrastructure

    @WLBI We will switch to our push server with OTA-3, and then I think more people will switch to our image, as they will loose their Telegram notifications ;) - Dec. 21st, an early Christmas present.


  • Infrastructure

    @libremax How can we convince you to switch to UBports if not by demonstrating that we are alive, a motivated community with growing people?


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