Duration of signalling incoming call

  • I have a question re/ incoming calls. I often miss the call due to have to look for the BQ E4.5 or pull it out from the case on my belt, etc. and when I finally have it in my hand the call is just transferred to my voice box. I did tests and the time of signaling any call is exactly 15 seconds. Is this time network driven or by our software?



  • Hi Matthias,
    You should get a system phone call code from your operator. It looks like ( remplace + with stars **)
    Use the phone app to send the whole thing, press the green call button and voila...
    The code might be different for you obviously, but anyway, it's triggered by the operator. Give a call to helpline...



  • Thank you! I googled the dial string for my provider www.Fonic.de (which is a O2 company here in Germany) and one has to dial (put a * symbol for any word 'star'):

    star star 61 star 333 star star nn#

    (with possible value for nn: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30). And it worked, 15 was the default.

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