Pebble Time Round not connecting with RockWork app after factory reset

  • Nearly half a year my pebble time round smartwatch runs very good with ubuntu touch and the RockWork app from Michael Zanetti. But now I had to factory rest the watch.
    Unfortunately the RockWork app is not recognizing the watch even if pairing with the phone works.
    Can someone help? Maybe I can "purge" RockWork app somehow and start from scratch...

  • @bastos I don't use RockWork but a usual way to deal with an app having a problem like that is to delete the cache and if that doesn't work, delete the config file too and start from scratch.

  • Thank you. I tried already, but it has not helped. So I emailed the developer. Let's see what he says.

    Anyway sth. strange happens, so the pebble is working again. One of the retries worked out randomly....

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