UBports device testing spreadsheet?

  • Hi everyone,
    Thanks and honours to the UBports team for the great achievement so far! Thanks to make the whole thing moving forward.
    I made my journey testing the 16.04/devel on my MX4 and wrote down my experience in a Calc spreadsheet. I'd to ask whether it's useful to share the file or not... It might be some kind of interest to gather experience to help developers ? No question to challenge Github of course...
    0_1514658017370_Screenshot from 2017-12-30 19-19-55.png

  • @wilfridd Yes! We should have this on some place where others could edit it.

  • Community

    That's pretty nice, @wilfridd! Are you interested to join our QA team? We can definitely use dedicated people like you! You can join our telegram group at t.me/ubports_qa_team. Everyone who's interested to help is welcome, ofc!

    We used a similar spreadsheet to test in the past, i uploaded it to nextcloud so everyone can edit it in their browsers, you'll find the link and password in the group. I won't post it in public to avoid vandalism.

    At some point in the future it would be awesome to have a tool to organize this more efficiently, if anyone has recommendations, be sure to speak up!

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