How to paste text into forum post from UT device?

  • I wanted to paste a complicated command line into a post from my M10 UT tablet this morning, but couldn't work out how to do it. Long press didn't work. Can somebody help please. I guess I need to understand markup?

  • @dtarrant Depends a bit of your infrastructure. I'd run FF in a UNIX laptop with the forum in the browser; ssh from the same laptop from a xterm into the M10 UT, issue the command there and cut&paste from the xterm to FF.

  • @guru You seem to be saying that it's not possible to paste text into a Ubports forum post direct from a UT device. If I press the 6th symbol from the left at the top of the forum compose window, this is inserted:

    ![alt text](image url)

    Maybe if I knew how to use this gadget I would be able paste some text?

  • @dtarrant I have not said this. I said how I would do this.

  • @guru Yes, I agree you did. I guess my problem is that I find it hard to understand why the forum compose facility would not support a paste function. Maybe there's a good reason that I'm missing. Anyway, many thanks for your suggestion.

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