Install UBPorts in an Aquaris10 FHD Ubuntu Edition

  • I have an BQ Aquaris M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition. Without the support of Cannonical, I tried to run the ubports installer from my desktop, with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
    Everything went fine till the tablet entered the fastboot mode. At that time, the ubports-installer hanged, asking : Please link an USB cable. What can I do?

  • Did the tablet enter fast boot mode? What was displaying on the tablet at that time?

  • The tablet says: FASTBOOT mode...

  • @rcabanita sorry if these are obvious, but double check the tablet is in developer mode and try a different usb port and if that doesn't work change the usb cable. I had an issue when using a usb 2 port and usb 3 port worked.

  • I've tried with Ubuntu 17.10. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Windows 10.
    I've tried with two different computers. Different cables and USB ports.
    UBports recognises the tablet, recognises the developer mode, stops when I click in "Change to UBports". The tablet says: Fastboot mode: the app says: BQ M10 FHD
    Please connect your device with an usb cable.

  • Sorry, stops after introducing the passoword in the computer.

  • @rcabanita The screenlock password for the tablet/developer mode?

  • Yes, there is a password to unlock the tablet, otherwise the developer mode would not be enabled.
    Maybe it's necessary the bootloader to be "unlock". Arusbinder, have you done this with your BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition?

  • @rcabanita sudo fastboot oem unlock. If the ubports installer still plays up have a look at Magic device tool. That might work if they haven't stopped supporting ubports by now.

  • I remember when I tried to convert both my tablets to UBPorts using the installer, it just did not work. Previously I had success with MDT on my E5, but on the tablets (M10) the MDT or the UBPorts installer did not work. I was in fastboot and all was going to plan, but I think I got something like device could not be found. I tried different USB cables and ports, but nothing worked. In the end the only thing that worked for me was doing it via the server image.

  • have you tried this from fastboot

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch
    --device=frieza --channel=ubports-touch/15.04/devel --bootstrap --wipe

    i have not had any success using ubports-installer
    i keep this where i can copy and paste it ,only changing (devel) to stable as needed ,or changing the 5 to a 6 to get 16.04.

    when in fastboot mode have you tried "sudo fastboot oem unlock"
    .to see the result ?

  • @rcabanita it should ask you for your password in terminal to authorise the command ,look carefully, it should need your PC/Computer password.,you will not see it ,as it is entered,hit return ,and it should start doing its magic,leave it alone ,it should go to the recovery screen and then the ununtu screen to install, do not interrupt it

  • Thanks a lot. The magic-device-tool worked fine. Everything is running.

  • @rcabanita Sorry, I was offline for a while. I don't remember having to unlock the bootloader of my M10 FHD. If I recall correctly it was never locked in the first place, being an original Ubuntu Edition device.

    But reading on down the message list shows that you got it working. Good for you!! Hope you enjoy the ride from here on.

  • It's a shame that UBports installer doesn't work with Android flashed devices. Had to flash old UT with Flash tool before UB installer worked with my M10.

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