Sponsoring page and missing people

  • Hi all,

    @UniSuperBox, @Flohack and @NeoTheThird I would say either you name no one at all or all people who are sponsoring UBports, don't you think?

    It seems odd that people who chose another sponsor platform are omitted.


  • Hello @twinkybot

    Thank you for your comment and your interest in supporting UBports. The intention of the Sponsors page (https://ubports.com/foundation/sponsors) was only to thank supporting business members as well as those Patreons that purchased the $20 or higher award to be listed on the sponsors page. The Patreons page (https://www.patreon.com/ubports) has listed the different awards, starting at $2 for a handshake, $5 for High Five, $15 for Stickers, $20 for Community Sponsor, $50 for business sponsor and $250 for Premium Sponsor.

    We apologize for any confusion around the sponsors page and tried to design it in such a way as to avoid this situation. From my understanding, this award structure wasn't easily setup using the other donation categories. However, I'd be happy to look into it for you. Please pm me on Telegram (@Crash_Burn) and we can discuss possible new approaches.
    Will Atwood

  • @galaxia
    It is okay. I just find it strange as it should be handled for everyone the same.
    With Liberapay we could ask for this feature for example.

    But it would reflect better the reality and who is sponsoring UBports.


  • @twinkybot

    For Liberapay, it's all about pure donation and so anonymity is a feature.
    Be different from concurrent platforms is also good for Liberapay.

  • @libremax Yes true. All in all it is not about getting something back in addition to UT.
    It anyways also didn't work that great being a Patreon 😃 So nothing lost nothing won.

    Coming back to topic:
    But then how about one of the widgets provided by Liberapay. The one where one can see how much contribution in total there is?
    I see it as a win for two. On one hand for UBports where people see that support is coming from other channels as well and on the other hand some advertisement for Liberapay.

  • Thanks again for the suggestions. Right now on the Donations page (https://ubports.com/donate) you will find advertisements for Paypal, Bitcoin, Liberapay and Patreon. I like your idea about having a widget provide the running totals of each platform, however I think it will be best (if we were to display any donation amounts at all) that we display a combined number. UBports is a world class operation and we should present only our best attributes.

    UBports continues to grow and advance because of all its amazing users. Thanks again for supporting the project.

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