Translation from Yunit

  • Hi guys!
    Here some stats about the yunit project translations given to UBports:

    • 68 translators 3 coordinators
    • 44 subprojects:
      • account-plugins,
      • address-book-service,
      • click,
      • content-hub,
      • gnome-control-center-signon,
      • gsettings-ubuntu-touch-schemas,
      • hud,
      • indicator-bluetooth,
      • indicator-datetime,
      • indicator-display,
      • indicator-keyboard,
      • indicator-location,
      • indicator-messages,
      • indicator-network,
      • indicator-power,
      • indicator-printers,
      • indicator-session,
      • indicator-sound,
      • indicator-sync,
      • indicator-transfer,
      • indicator-transfer-buteo,
      • libertine, libertine-scope,
      • libusermetrics,
      • location-service,
      • oxide-qt,
      • telephony-service,
      • trust-store,
      • ubuntu-download-manager,
      • ubuntu-geoip,
      • ubuntu-keyboard,
      • ubuntu-settings-components,
      • ubuntu-system-settings,
      • ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts,
      • ubuntu-terminal-app,
      • ubuntu-ui-extras,
      • ubuntu-ui-toolkit,
      • unity-control-center,
      • unity-scope-mediascanner,
      • unity-scope-shell,
      • url-dispatcher,
      • webbrowser-app,
      • yunit
    • 3272 strings in total per language
    • 149 language started:
      • Catalan (ca), French (fr) and Italian (it) with complete translation
      • Portuguese (pt) needs only 7 strings translation to complete the job
      • Dutch (nl) needs 354 strings translation
      • Portuguese (Portugal)(pt_PT) needs 355 strings translation
      • German (de) needs 760 strings translation
      • Arabic (ar) needs 654 strings translation
      • Galician (gl) needs 1079 strings translation
      • Ukrainian (uk) needs 1109 strings translation
      • English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) needs 1196 strings translation
      • Finnish (fi) needs 1214 strings translation
      • Gaelic, Scottish (gd) needs 1239 strings translation
      • Turkish (tr) needs 1279 strings translation
      • Lorean (ko) needs 1307 strings translation
      • Hungarian (hu) needs 1334 strings translation
      • Asturian (ast) needs 1338 strings translation
      • Indonesian (id) needs 1350 strings translation
      • Serbian (sr) needs 1353 strings translation
      • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR) needs 1356 strings translation
      • Norwegian Bokmål (nb) needs 1360 strings translation
      • Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) needs 1365 strings translation
      • Persian (fa) needs 1382 strings translation
      • Slovenian (sl) needs 1389 strings translation
      • Bosnian (bs) needs 1427 strings translation
      • Swedish (sv) needs 1455 strings translation
      • English (Australia) (en_AU) needs 1437 strings translation
      • Latvian (lv) needs 1512 strings translation
      • Uighur (ug) needs 1516 strings translation
      • Japanese (ja) needs 1577 strings translation
      • Basque (eu) needs 1552 strings translation
      • Russian (ru) needs 1639 strings translation
      • Catalan (Valencian) (ca@valencia)needs 1726 strings translation
      • Polish (pl) needs 1772 strings translation
      • Malay (ms) needs 1971 strings translation
      • Interlingua (ia) needs 2126 strings translation
        and many more languages
        probably some subproject is not needed so some more language is ready for use. for example the 7 remaining string in Portuguese (pt) are all in the HUD subproject so actually it's not used

  • @aury88 hmm no Spanish. Where should I start the translation? In Transifex or in Weblate?

    Maybe I should ask @Flohack ?

  • @advocatux hi, probably I missed it
    spanish (sa) need 1546 strings translation..
    the po files are from transifex, but that project is probably a dead branch and will not be convert in po files a second time. I've already give Flohack the po files so you can change them directly from the ubports/unity8 source on github when they will be integrated.
    if you what to start the translation now the zip file is here; you can modify the spanish po files and upload them in a PR on github.

  • Sorry had not time until now to check which projects we already have on GH, and whch we need to fork. Furthermore, some of the stuff we seem to have already, so it could be that it needs manual po file merging at some point.

    Give me some time, eventually in 2 weeks I can focus on that.


  • OK, no problem.

    Thanks @Aury88 & @Flohack

  • @flohack hi,

    let me know if you need help with the manual merging. I'm not really proficient with github but I really like to be more helpful to the project

  • @Flohack how is it going? are those po file useful or it is not possible to merge them?

  • Uh thanks for the reminder. Sorry to say, was still not able to activate / create the projects in Weblate. And also did not merge anything. Let me check it this week, we got a public holiday and on Fri I am off work, so 4 days for Ubuntu Touch xD


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