Asteroid OS Client

  • Hi,

    is someone interested in a Asteroid OS client for ubuntu touch? I play with the thought to develop one. Hope I find the time to start with it ;-).

  • Wow! Sounds great. I would appreciate a lot if some devs give some love to it. Unfortunately I am no dev...

  • I'd absolutely love it! I don't have a smart watch yet but this would spur me on to get one! Unfortunately, I'm in the same position as Bastos; I'm no dev either

  • I looked into it myself but didn't have the time to create one for UbTouch :/

    AsteroidOS uses Bluetooth LE GATT profiles to handle device communications, so this could possibly be made with Python and PyBluez. The project to look at would be asteroidos-btsyncd and the Android Sync client's source. btsyncd may be the best reference though since that's the watch-side daemon for handling bluetooth communications.

    The best part about having one for Ubuntu Touch, if it's made in python or a language that's easily installed on normal Ubuntu, it could possibly be used on other Linux distributions so you could use an AsteroidOS watch on any linux device.

  • I‘ll start with a Ubuntu touch client for Asteroid OS in the next weeks. I‘ve wrote with FlorentRevest the Initiator and developer of Asteroid OS. He provides a repository with a platform independent C++ Qt library for writing Asteroid clients There is also an cli example. Currently he is working on a sailfish os client He is paying attention to be compatible as much as possible with Ubuntu touch. I’ll create a fork of the sailfish client. I should be able to use 90 % of this code. The major part would be the rewrite of the qml code for Ubuntu touch.

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