Where is the Calendar ics file?

  • I've got a Fairphone 2 with Ubuntu Touch and I'd like to store the ics file oft the calendar app on my desktop pc as a backup. I read it should be found in home/phablet/.local/share/evolution/calendar/system. But I have no access to that. Even if I mark "show hidden files", I can only see 5 folders (docs, downloads, music, pictures, videos). I don't want to sync the calendar, I only need the ics file.
    Thank you for any help.

  • Did you already 'unlock' the filemanager. Respectively giving it the permission to access all your files? You can do that by clicking on the menu button on the right upper corner and touching on the lock item...

  • Otherwise, it can be comfortable to connect to your device using ssh and then manipulate your files as you want (if you like CLI).

  • @hummlbach That's it. Thank you. I didn't know what that lock item was. I found the ics file at the expected position as mentioned above. When I conntect the phone via USB to the computer I can't see the hidden phablet files (and there is no lock item either). So I helped myself by copying the file in my phone to the dokuments folder on the phone and that folder I can access by computer.

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