Need help in porting Halium/Ubports to Galaxy S4 jfltexx

  • Hello,
    i need help in porting Halium (Ubports is the next part after Halium works) so I got an output:
    [mka hybris-boot](
    mka halium-boot
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks for your help.

  • @r-h3r0 kernel doesn't seem to compile.

    e.g., error: 'mipi_samsung_disp_get_power' undeclared here

    Maybe best if you build lineageos first. Just as a stepping stone to make sure everything is in place for you to build the kernel. No config changes, no changes at all, just build as los describes.

    I guess the alternative would be to poke around in the code and try to figure out why it doesn't compile.

    (For reference, I take it this is your porting issue, which shows your manifest : )

    Another small practical tip that helped me with pinning down build errors: do make -j 1 instead of mka because then it just builds one thing at a time, which might help with tackling the build failures one by one.

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