Ubuntu Touch Q&A | February 17, 2018

  • We renamed it, but I'm keeping the numbering.

    It's the Ubuntu Touch Q&A! These are hour-long (or so) livestreams where we get together and talk about what's been happening in Ubuntu Touch over the past fortnight. Episode 223will be live on February 17, 2018 at 1900 UTC. You can catch it and a countdown on the YouTube live page.

    If you have questions for us, please ask them in this thread!

    Here are some things we'll generally not cover, though:

    • Any question in our FAQ
    • The status of bug reports

    We'll see you on Saturday!

  • Hi all,
    just a "dummy" question. What about a collaboration/partnership (if possible) with: [https://www.browserstack.com/#](link url) to support Apps testing ?
    After phone emulator is broken also in 16.04 LTS, is not easy test Apps layout with phones and tablet devices (i have only the tablet ).
    Seem that the price is free for open source projects ( [https://www.browserstack.com/pricing](link url) ).

  • Hi everybody!

    • Do we have plans for printer integration? Or is there already something that I'm not aware of?
    • What is the status of the foundation founding? 🙂

    Thanks and regards

  • Hey guys.
    I have been looking around the internet but couldn't find anything about the recent state of convergence mode.
    There is a video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwBf75bHgkE) from mid 2016 where Marius showed the FP2 connect to a monitor via ethercast dongle. Strangely it is hard to find any information about this feature.
    So I have 3 questions:

    • Is the convergence mode currently in a "usable" state?
    • According to (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DisplayCasting) there are only 2 Miracast dongles that are known to work. Is this article still up to date?
    • What is the priority for the convergence mode in on the roadmap?

    I really enjoy your QA videos. It is nice to see the faces behind such a project like Ubuntu Touch.
    You are doing really awesome work. 🙂

  • So here are my questions:

    1. How's 16.04 coming up?
      1.1. What is the progress?
      1.2. What is missing?
      1.3. What's the time frame we have at this moment (with no promises)?

    2. There's confusion and mayhem on the Internet. People who haven't been paying close attention don't understand what's the status of convergence on UBports at this moment.
      2.1. So what's it the status? Does it work at all? How far is it from working?
      2.2 What is needed to use convergence right now? Do we need a docking station?
      2.3. What can we expect on Xenial regarding convergence?

    3. Now that Unity8 is converging (AH AH) to UBports fold, can we expect a developers ISO image of Unity8 to help developers of the Desktop Environment and of apps (and testers too)?

    4. What's progress on routing services for unav?

    5. Can we make unav a core app with direct support from UBports while off-course keeping the most kind developer we have (Costales) in control?

    6. Since Private Internet Access is a sponsor would it be possible, and desirable to find an easy way to use their service from within Ubports (integrated with UBports account management and maybe and indicator to turn it on and off)?

    7. Have you heard about Quad Nine privacy minded DNS service? What about finding a way to activate it easily on Ubuntu Touch?

    8. Any news or developments on Halium?

  • @fulvio

    I took a look at BrowserStack. It looks like they keep a bunch of phones and tablets which run their software that they run tests on. I'm expecting that this software is Android/iOS only and new testing software would need to be written for Ubuntu Touch. I think there was a project for automated UI testing for Ubuntu apps, but I don't know the status of that when Ubuntu for Devices was dropped. So, really, it would be much more than just signing up with our project details. 🙂

  • So, yeah. I got a question! I demand answers!

    Where is my stats.ubports.com site?

    I've been clicking 'refresh' every hour for 3 weeks and all I get is area code 503. And my wrists are sore and my doctor told me I should stop clicking.

    What's up with that?

    How's a man supposed to write fake news without bad data??

  • @wayneoutthere ask CNN for help.ha ha

  • @hummlbach

    We didn't get to your questions this time. I'll put the foundation one in for next time, though. To answer for printers, yes, there is a printer component. I don't know about its status.

  • @marathon2422 good idea!

  • @wayneoutthere my british sense of humour slips out now and then

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