@TartanSpartan said in Concerning Libertine and it's status within the Ubuntu Touch OS: I think there's value to be had from being able to use spreadsheets on the go, or to design a presentation, or to write up a nice document with a word processor (show me any UT native app for word processing which comes close to the functionality of Libre Office Writer). Clearly UBports would agree, given the pitch for the M10 FHD as "This tablet provides you a great workflow as a portable laptop. Imagine travelling by plane and working on your documents using LibreOffice.". and also it's "The tablet to travel with". That's still up there on the link I cited above. I do not contest that many in the Foundation will agree that Libertine adds value. I do feel however that too much weight is placed on pronouncements in the device descriptions. The description for the tablet sounds more like 'marketing speech' that has been retained from the Canonical days to me. I don't object to it, but I don't see in it any promise of perpetual support either. Concerning Libertine, the hope was that by highlighting its availability there would have been community members willing and able to step up and contribute bug fixes and features to the code. Unfortunately that does not seem to have happened to the degree that would have made an impact. After the switch to Wayland we might have another opportunity to see this hope realized. I also think that pronouncements in Q&A's or on Social Media regarding Libertine should not be taken as hard promises at this time, but more as declared intents based on best effort. Until such a time as a team can be formed around the maintenance of Libertine, similar to what has happened for Dekko2 and is now coalescing around Podbird, I don't see how much progress can be made.