Status :(Sorry these days I'm out of work and didn't take care on this,sorry ) [Arm64] checked some folder can't mount , including /vendor, cause necessary library can't load. the lxc-checkconfig seems have some missing items Confirmed U5 version of samsung stock source have touch panel problem by recovery environment validated, so need to find another source to use. [arm32] AFAIK, if it boots, it'll reboot once for unknown reason... check /vendor is mounted (better than arm64 we found) seem someone in telegram group is booted into GUI with container started, but have many driver on phone equipped can't use. Need Verify : i. what the source (KT/DT/VT) he used ii. if source is used, what parts is he modified, and whether modified in source reflect on building, and verified it's really usable iii. need to check everything parts in test required item is okey... iv. if i~iii is ready, should let the issuer reply on Halium github with progress about arm32 things.