16.04 Devel on BQ E5 HD - Issues in Telegram and Dekko2

  • I have flashed 16.04 Devel on BQ E5 HD. Even though the OS looks stable, I am having issue with Telegram and Dekko2. Once mobile number is entered, Telegram does not send sms. It just hangs on the screen.

    Dekko also just hangs on startup. It does not move ahead for asking email address details.

    Can anyone pls provide inputs here? Is this an app permission issue? How can I manually give app permission as under setings->privacy->app permission, these apps are not there,

  • @nikhilbhalwankar

    App need to be rebuild for 16.04.
    I believe it's a work in progress for telegram, for dekko2 I don't hear much until now.

  • @libremax Is there any alternate mail client then?

  • Oh yes! Some may think thats not a serious answer, but i must give it: You could try mutt for example... 🙂

    • mount root fs read write
    • sudo apt-get install mutt
    • settings in .muttrc in your home
    • start it in the terminal app by typing mutt (and enter of course)

    I would really like to see such good old fashioned terminal applications being better integrated into the phone. Integration of Contacts(?) and attachments/share files between apps would have to be improved I think.

  • Telegram is still not compiled for 16.04 as we are fighting to transfer it to a clickable build which is necessary to stay upwards compatible. But we will make a big announcement if it works.

    BR Florian

  • Some may think thats not a serious answer

    @hummlbach you should explain why that is considered "not a serious answer" 😉

    In short, if you make your filesystem writable you lose OTA capability. If you want to use apt is better to use it inside a container.

  • Telegram latest version works fine on 16.04 RC. Also check below procedure for Dekko. I found this out after googling...


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