Unhearable ringing

  • Hello,

    my Aquaris E4.5 sometime goes in bad state it does not ring. While starting ringing I could sometimes hear short ringing (several milliseconds) and then it is quiet. Usually reboot fixes the problem. Sometimes it disappears. And sometimes it is random.

    Does anybody else experience the problem?



  • Yes, I experiment the same problem, also with the Aquaris E4.5, but I don't have any clue on where to start looking for a solution.

  • @grepo Make sure your phone is fully updated first then As a test try swopping the channel your on in update settings. If your on stable try release candidate, if on that try development and see if theres any change.
    If it doesn't go to the ubports welcome and install Telegram group and ask there. I've occasionally had got restart the phone because of a silent ring but not recently.

  • @lakota said in Unhearable ringing:

    If it doesn't go to the ubports welcome and install Telegram group and ask there. ...

    If someone ask such technical question there in the tg group, do you really think he/she will see the answer (if any) in all this chatting there? Can he later do a search for the own question and (if there are any) the answers?


  • @guru Hi, As far as I can see the welcome etc Telegram group is quite small and separate from the main group and they are looking out for these sort of questions, and might be able to help quicker. Also don't they get a notification when their question is answered making tracking easy. If I'm wrong I apologize. Just thought it might be easier than wadding through bug reports (as I don't think this is fixed) and your not sure what your looking for specifically.

  • @lakota you're absolutely right, UB Welcome & Install is a small group and the users asking a question are pinged when we answered them, if they are not in the channel at that moment.

    P.S. I think mailing lists are better than Telegram, but that is the channel chosen by the majority. That's a fact.

  • @grepo probably best to raise an issue. also it reminded me of something now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/media-hub/+bug/1544477/comments/5 does that help?

  • Nope, it is not volume setting. It is completely random and reboot helps. does UBPorts have some bug tracking system?

  • @grepo https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues
    Should take you to the right place. If you want to right a bug report a tutorial has been released. There's an item and link in the news section of the forum.

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