Gallery app: problem with albums feature

  • I've just figured out how to create albums within gallery and it's a really cool feature once you get the hang of it. My problem is that the two albums I created have just disappeared and I've no idea how to get them back. If I switch to photos or events that all works, but when I switch to albums, my two albums are shown, but they are empty. Can anyone suggest how to recover them?

  • I have my pictures on the SD card and if I remove my SD card and start the gallery app with the SD card removed then I lose all the content of the albums. When I put the SD card back, the content is not restored. I stopped using the albums 😞

  • @mihael Well, that's pretty much my experience. When I launched Gallery, my photos were missing. Assuming it might be due to a bad contact, I removed the microSD card and re-seated it. All my photos re-appeared and I was happy. Then I found that my two albums were empty. Not so happy. I'd just been telling my family how great the album feature was. What a shame. Would be nice if this could be fixed. Not sure best way to file a bug report.

  • @dtarrant Hi, There is an item on a tutorial about creating a bug report in the News section of this forum. That should give you all the info you need.

  • Unfortunately in it sounds pretty much as it was planned to remove the albums feature, if I got it right... Read it and leave a comment there, that you wish to keep the feature and nonetheless file an issue for the current awkward behavior.

  • @hummlbach Just visited the link you suggested and was astounded by the by the complexity of the vision for the future of Gallery. It seems very ambitious and may take a great deal of effort to make it work reliably. I'm coming at this from my experience of using the Blackberry Playbook. The user interface is very smart and well thought out. The photo app is folders based which is very convenient for dealing with holiday and other event photos. I only resorted to the use of Albums on Ubuntu Touch as a workaround for the lack of a folders capability. I don't need flikr and face book etc. Maybe a good approach would be two separate apps: a simple photo app à la Blackberry for ordinary folk and a full blown gallery app for power users. This would have the advantage that the simple app could hopefully be realised as a subset of the pro version in the near term and then incrementally enhanced in the longer term.

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