Ubuntu Touch Q&A 29 | June 2, 2018

  • It's been hot this week, but not nearly as hot as this Q&A!

    The next Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday, June 2, 2018, at 1900 UTC. You can find it and a countdown to live time on its Youtube live page.

    If you have any burning questions about the Ubuntu Touch project (or any of its related technologies), post them here and we'll get you an answer. Alternatively, you can ask questions via Telegram or the Youtube live chat.

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  • @unisuperbox
    I have a few questions:

    1. It is getting longer between the 16.04 devel updates (at least on Turbo). Also, the Backlog Milestones are not seeing much action. Is it not just updated or are development resources used elsewhere?
    2. When can we expect a new test version of Anbox? @mariogrip mentioned on the last Q&A that he has a new version with working mobile connectivity.
    3. Developer interest to recompile apps for xenial seems limited at the moment. What kind of signals do you get from the dev community on this? Is it too difficult? Aren't there enough devs with xenial phones to test their apps? Other reasons?
    4. I know there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we normal users can't see, but sometimes it is difficult to not get the impression that development has stalled somewhat. That is especially true when there is little or no action on Github and no devel updates for 16.04 for a while. Is this a matter of lack of resources to update forums, Telegram etc or just the fact that development is actually moving slower at times?
    5. There was also talk about a new webbrowser app for xenial on the last Q&A, what is the status on this?

  • Hi - I would like to add a few question to those that @tomoqv has:

    1. I would like to propose a more detailed way to present what is working in xenial or not. Right now it is essentially guessing and trying on all the different devices and versions. What I mean is something like a table or matrix showing different functions as rows and the devices as columns. One row could be for flawless booting. In the Nexus 5 column (from my experience this works 8 out of 10 times) this could be "8/10" . A different row could be Miracast "0/10" . Then also Bluetooth Headsets, WiFi, Hotspot or Printer could be other rows with per device scores. It is a pain in a...rm to have no overview on status and possible progresses.
    2. Another thing I would find useful is creating a simple way to install Beta or even if this is what the user wants Alpha releases of things like the new webbrowser, anbox or other "experiments" . A good way could be by creating a "Beta channel" for this in openstore. This channel could then be enabled if users feel adventurous. The main point is not every user wants to mess around with terminal for this - even if he is easily able to.
    3. It has been so long that @mariogrip is teasing everyone with a "kindof" working port to Oneplus3 . How about making this (and maybe others) available for install by ubports-installer? (You could then also add it to the table mentioned under 1. point) 😉

    Please don't get me wrong. I am a supporter. I see immense potential. But when you want support, it is usually better be able to provide visible progress steps. And sometimes this means working on goals one after the other (and reach single goals faster) rather than working on all of them simultaneously and none of them gets completed. (I over emphasized this in order to make the point clearer.)

  • I hope that the UBports team will discuss what, as of now, are the biggest roadblocks that could delay the release of 16.04 OTA-4. No need to discuss all potentially blocking issues, but maybe discuss at least a few (top 5 list?) of the biggest issues.

  • @gizmochicken broadly speaking, the biggest roadblocks are these https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/milestones

  • @advocatux Understood. But I'm hoping to hear which of those listed issues appears to be the most troublesome. Maybe a "top 5" list.

  • @gizmochicken you're right, it would be interesting if they dig deeper in that topic.

  • @thepossessor Oneplus 5 status would be also appreciated.

  • I want to know which editors you guys are using for coding! 😃
    So what is your favorite editor?
    (I liked the "which distro do you use" question we once had, and now wanted to have another question in here also than the push-progress-ones ;-))

  • On the previous Q&A you mentioned CAF. But you didn't explained what it is. Can you please explain what it is, and for what it is for?
    And the fact that you threw Halium into the mix didn't helped...

    When will the live porting stream done?
    What should people prepare to for it so that we can take the most of it?

    Can we have someting like KDE Connect?
    I'm freaking envious of those darn android users. And it's crazy that Ubuntu Touch doesn't have actually any integration with Ubuntu.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi Ubports A-Team, would it be possible to have a snap installer also for 32 bit architecture? Many of us have still this "old" machines. Xenial will be supported for 32 bit as we know until 2021. Thanks for feedback. @milkor73

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