Sakawochi development thread

  • Version 0.2.12 is now live on OpenStore

    • Xenial support
    • Add Italian and Spanish localization (BIG thanks to matteo and advocatux)
    • Add backup save game for more reliability
    • Sea grass now adds another snail for additional fish food
    • Fix save every frame bug in fish food logic
    • Fix fish sometimes turns multiple times
    • Fix wrong order in choose language flags spinner
    • New fix for screen flickering on some devices

    The backup save game was originally made for the Fairphone2 where closing of the browser or Web-Apps sometimes makes Unity or the whole phone reboot. Occasionally this seems to wipe the browsers local storage where the game is saved. Unfortunately the patch didn't help against this issue but it should make the save games more reliable on other devices.
    I need to find a way to fix this issue on FP2 though. Since the local storage seems to get wiped about every two weeks when the memory bug reboots the phone I have to find a way to save the game to the file system instead. Unfortunately the Ubuntu Touch documentation lacks information on how to do it.
    Maybe I could wrap the game in an Electron container. This would indeed give me access to the file system but it would also increase the file size from about 3.5mb to around 50mb, save games wouldn't be able to get ported and I'd need to run the game via XMir (need to test this first). If I'm really lucky Xenial might fix it but I couldn't test it yet since I'm still waiting for the upgrade to show up on my phone. If you have any problems with the game on Xenial please let me know.

    A bug in the fish food logic made the game save every frame when spoiled fish food was lying on the ground. After the fix the game should run much faster.
    However the new fix for the flickering / black screen issue is said to cost a little performance so it might not be noticeable that much.

    Unfortunately the sea horse didn't make it into this version since I got carried away and spent a lot of time adding new features to the GDevelop game engine instead.
    I decided to use the sea horses as test candidates for the upcoming breeding system. In the next version (if there aren't any bigger issues in 0.2.12) sea horses will be able to mate when they are grown up and have children whose colour varies a little from that of their parents. So you will be able to breed individuals of different colour.
    In the next step the economy will get an overhaul and I'll add a quest system where you get asked to breed a certain kind of fish to get a reward. Since this will be a really big update, it's going to take a bit longer to release.

    So please be patient and stay tuned. 🙂

  • @wendigo I just downloaded Sakawochi on my Pro5 xenial version and it works like a charm! Thank you for the game and also for adding me in the credits page....I appreciated to help you to translate to italian; and BTW it seems to render good in the game, so I'm really happy about that 🙂
    Keep up the good work!


  • @wendigo amazing, thank you for your work !!

  • Agree with @advocatux Now running on OPO and Nexus 7 on 16.04rc

  • That's great to read, thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Yesterday, I had an issue with the App. I had a crab with a value of 59€ and a fish with a value of 25€. Selling together and with 16€ that I had reserved (by collecting plastic) must allow me buy another fish and another crab and buy a seagrass, but I didn't get enough money for that and I only could buy Crab 😞

  • @dr0w inflation XD

  • @advocatux xDDDDD maybe

  • @dr0w Sorry for the late response, I was on vacation the last two weeks. Was it just a rounding issue or did one of the sales not get credited at all?

  • @wendigo when i sell the fish and the crab i didn't get the value that appears in the sell screen and I think that I got the initial sell value. i.e. For the crab I must get 56€ and I only got 20€ and the same for the Fish

  • Hm that's strange. I'll investigate this.

  • There's another issue with sound configuration. I have configured no sound and no music, but app didn't remember on new app start, I have to open-close config with no changes and then works like I configured. This comment is only for help you fixing bugs like this, that I think is a small issue. Thanks in advance for your work

  • Is there still progress in the development?
    My son is now playing the game i want to know if he can expect updates or so on.
    The bug with selling crabs is still in the current version.

    You always have to sell first a fish, if you start with the crab or you only have a crab it is not working at all.

    Is there now a way to commit new things or fix that bug?

  • I have been prett lazy lately, but please don't tell anyone ok? 🤫
    I promise to get a new version out in the coming weeks.
    The seahorses were nearly finished when I started my "break". ^^
    Nice to read, that at least one person is still playing it. 😄

  • My son was playing it too for several weeks. 👍 The crab sell bug really needs to be fixed, but except that its really nice!

  • Yes, a nice game for kids, teaches them to be patient watching things grow. And they don t spend hours on it. Thank you for that.
    The sea horse idea sounds great.

  • I have fixed the bug with selling crabs and added the sea horses.
    But something must have happened with the game engine during the last year. The game runs horribly slow on my FP2.
    Here is a test version:
    I hope you don't suffer the same issue.
    Please let me know how it runs on your devices.

  • @Wendigo testing it now on a BQ E4.5 running edge. It doesn't work as well as before, and sometimes I even can't see the fish because is too small (but maybe that's an issue with the scaling in this device).

    Fwiw this is the log

  • @Wendigo i just wanted to drop you a Note, i am playing and enjoying the game immensely. looking forward to the seahorses.

  • @Wendigo said in Sakawochi development thread:

    I have fixed the bug with selling crabs and added the sea horses.
    But something must have happened with the game engine during the last year. The game runs horribly slow on my FP2.
    Here is a test version:
    I hope you don't suffer the same issue.
    Please let me know how it runs on your devices.

    ah, i didnt check this thread anymore. could you reupload it please?

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