Convergence Is Alive !

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    Thanks to the resurrection of Unity, progress is now starting to explode around Unity8 and Ubuntu Touch.

    To bring you up to speed, here is the latest article from the UBports Writers team.


    Special thanks to @alan_griffiths for all his great source material and hard work on Mir.

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  • Great article. I want one of those! Seriously, I shared the link with my son via Telegraph from my M10 tablet running UT vivid. I found that I was making good use of the unity desktop switching between the article, Telegram and wikipedia (to find out what a SlimPort adapter is). Hats off to Alan Griffiths!

  • Great story!

    One small clarification:

    With this decision there arose a problem: the compatibility of Unity 8 with GNOME. Unity 8 runs on Mir - a computer display server, but recently Canonical adopted the Wayland compositor for its operating system, with the X Window System for the Ubuntu desktop.

    I feel this conflates a number of issues. (E.g. the compositor used by GNOME3 is Mutter, which supports operation as either a X11 or Wayland compositor.)

    I would suggest rewording:

    "With this decision there arose a problem: the GNOME 3 desktop adopted by Canonical supports client apps using the Wayland and X11 protocols. In contrast Unity8 was based on apps using the "mirclient" API. The progress made by Canonical getting client toolkits and libraries to support "mirclient" faltered and went into reverse."

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    @alan_g I will do Alan, thx a lot for helping.

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    @alan_g it is done, Wayne was quicker 🙂

  • @lakotaubp and @MK73

    I notice that, with regard to installing the Unity8 desktop preview, the blog post links to instructions found on another blog post.

    Suggestion: Although the instructions found on linked blog post are currently accurate, I suggest that you consider instead linking to instructions that, if needed, can be more readily updated, namely those instructions found here:

    Also, linking to the instructions found at the above suggested location promotes filing issue reports for the Unity8 preview in the appropriate place, namely in the Unity8 issue tracker.

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