It's Nearly Time!! Q&A 33 This Saturday 04/08 At 19:00 UTC

  • Yes it's here at last. The delayed Q&A 33 will be this Saturday 04/08/18 at 19:00 UTC. So now you've all had an extra week of thinking time please post your questions below and watch live here.
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  • Hi, first of all thank you for your work !!

    Second, some UBports fellows are looking for a central place to trade their UT devices, and some of them are asking for a "Trading" category in our Forums, to sell or buy devices capable of running Ubuntu Touch.

    Is it such a thing viable? What's your opinion about that?

  • Thank you for all the passion you put into this project, I can't wait to see the result.
    The ubports-installer still has quite a few bugs that keep people (myself included) from upgrading to Xenial. Will it be possible to directly upgrade from within Vivid at some time?

  • @wendigo A ota update is planed from vivid to ota5.

  • Before anything, Thanks for all programmers for their GIGANTIC WORK done and to do yet...

    Two questions :

    Could you clarify the status of Vivid ? Isn't it premature to consider vivid obsolete whereas Xenial isn't fully operational (all sorts of ongoing and to do fixings) and all fundamental apps aren't updated for Xenial yet ? So, Will be there Vivid updates yet.. ? If yes, what sorts and for how many OTAs ?

    Could you put by default on phones and tablets in a next update with Xenial Libertine some usefull apps as Firefox, vlc or others of your choice (so as to avoid uncertain settings) ? .. as it was with Canonical ubuntu touch.

    Thanks again and support.

  • @advocatux I do think it's, I don't think it should be done by UBports.

  • Someone asked this on reddit:

    How to install Desktop App Scope on 16.04 RC?
    The latest 16.04 RC has libertine container. However, desktop app scope is missing. How can I install that. Its not present in open store also. I have bq e5 hd.

  • @diogo thank you for your opinion but I'm interested to listen to what the Q&A Team has to say 😉

    About Desktop App Scope, no, it's not missing, and it works out of the box.


  • @diogo is it not already there? Pull up on little white arrow at the bottom of app scope. That opens up scopes view it was there on my OPO and nexus 5

  • @advocatux Beat me to it : )

  • Whats the status of ubports on halium?

    Last time I tried I was stuck at usc crashing. Are there any noteworthy improvements? Is it working for people? Should I try again?

  • Whats the status of ubports/unity8 on x86?

  • @diogo Why not it would be a good place to sell devices that can run UT, even Sailfish OS forum hase it and also Fairphone forum....

  • @lakotaubp I've no idea, I wasn't the one who made the question, and shamefully I don't have any device on xenial... 😞

  • @xray2000 Because it has legal implications, selling things online has implications, and even allowing it has some. The fact that others do risky possibly illegal things doesn't mean we should.

  • @doniks asked for the status of ubuntu touch on x86... I'm especially interested whether sensors are working - for rotation in the first place - and if not, can you tell (in two sentences) what needs to be done for that, or point me to a document?

  • The other day Flo commented on the topic SDK, his intention is to solve all the problems it has. I don't know if those problems are easy or complicated to solve, if they need more or less time, but in my opinion after 4/16 when we are very close to a stable Xenial, it would be good to have the possibility of working with a stable SDK, it's important to have a general platform with sufficient guarantees in the creation of new applications.

    Therefore, my question is ... In your current line of work, have you thought about working with the SDK to improve functionality?

    Another question ... (I do not remember if we talk about this issue.) ..... The functionality of the battery, is it possible to improve the system on general, in terms of resources gestion for to have a best management of our batteries?

    Thanks ... Good job! ... Great team !!

  • hi ,
    i have some simple question about the news version
    did i need to re-install my phone or is a simple uptade to go on ?
    possible to have andoid app on this version ?
    thanks for responding and for your great works

  • Hi @lakotaubp 🙂

    I was wondering if data about our Matrix use could be incorporated into the Welcome Circle at some point - as the Telegram data is... Also, would it be possible to implement the response to Matrix messages directly in the Notifications Bar, as we can with SMSs...?

  • Hi there, thanks for the great work! Currently running it on my m10 (but I am not much of a tablet user) and waiting on a phone to arrive to get back on the bandwagon.

    Everyone keeps talking about WhatsApp, but I'd rather focus on RCS. Are there plans to support RCS?

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