OnePlus One firmware updates

  • Hi,

    Since installing Ubuntu Touch I seem to have lost the phones ability to make and receive calls and bluetooth functionality. I have downloaded the most up to date firmware zip but would like to know how to flash the device using adb/fastboot or is this all supposed to function with the 16.04 development updates going forward. Any advice welcome...thanks.

  • @shapley I have recently done my OPO and had none of these issues. I would suggest that you try rerunning the installer with the wipe option selected and see if that fixes it. I will check back later to see how it went. There are known issues with bluetooth, but it should work to a point.

  • Thank you! were right, I've not tested bluetooth yet but the phone works perfectly after running the 'wipe' option.

  • @shapley Brilliant glad it worked enjoy your Ubports Ubuntu Touch device. Also you might want to have a look at

  • I have the OnePlus One running UT and when I installed, there was no issues, as I did not select the wipe option either. Phone calls have been working fine and the only issue I found was not being able to close the calls and when the other user ended the call, there was a loud beeping sound. It is good that you have now sorted the issue out.

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