Q&A 35 THIS SATURDAY 01/09/18 AT 19:00 UTC

  • The Q&A this Saturday will be the first since the release of OTA-4 last Sunday. So if you have any questions relating to that or the on going development of UBports Ubuntu Touch please post them below. Then watch live on the day on the YouTube channel using the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNpJFELAYG0

  • O.k, is there any time frame for introducing the EDGE channel. ( also could be called EXPERIMENTAL) ?
    Is there, or will be in the near future any list of devices that might appear on such a channnel?

    Bluetooth status on 16.04 , as it doesn't work properly or at all on multiple devices (I know I shouldn't ask status of the bugs, but this one really affects us all ),
    So the question is, is there some work in progress to fix those issues or it's just one of those difficult ones?

    How is the Anbox progressing? Any more testing images to be released soon?

    The last question is, what happened to the scopes? Are they all gone? There were some usefull, like RSS reader scope, Browser bookmarks scope, etc...
    I don't mind if it's the end of the road for them, but at least think about customization of the app scope( home screen ) could we have another one once the default one is full, just like in Android, or we could create a custom one with the apps or webapps or browser bookmarks, or possibly a group folder for apps? Otherwise when there is a lot of apps installed, it's a long scroll down to find the one you're looking for. If there is more home screens/ scopes it would beco e more managable, cusomizable. Those are usefull thoughts how to navigate through UT more easily.
    They don't need to be exactly a Scopes, but just an extended Home screen, that's what I thought.

    Sorry for so many questions, but I think community would like to get those answered:-)

    Thank you.

  • This is purely hypothetical, but the scenario is likely of interest to many of us.

    Suppose a company approached UBports about getting commercial support for their device:

    1. Would the non-profit foundation be in a position to enter into a contract with them? On what basis?
    2. How would we approach staffing this project?
      2.1. Employing a team people? (Presumably from the community?)
      2.2. Or contracting pieces of work out? (Including management of that?)

  • @alan_g That's an interesting question!

  • Hi

    1 - Have you now a bank account so as to have the possibility to donate by transfer ou credit card ? That is to say to support Ubports without any intermediary (and keep control on personal data confidentiality).
    I think a lot of people are unwilling to donate because they have no confidence in confidentiality of ALL intermediary : sale or sharing of privacy data files..

    2 - Now we have stable 16.04, so is make new browser operational is your first priority, even before resolving other issues ? When can we expect a new update in the Open Store ?

  • Might there not be a marketing advantage for UBports' UT to become an official Ubuntu flavour? And if it's perceived that there is, what steps would we need to take to make that happen?

  • Dan Chapman has been missing for two months ; news about him ?

  • @3arn0wl The requirements for becoming an official Ubuntu derivative make it impossible for UT to be one. Even under the ownership of Canonical, it did not meet those requirements, and remained somewhat independent.

  • Congratulations for the release of 16.04 stable channel! Good work!

    Now that this primary goal is reached, what will be upcoming priorities?

    A few suggestions that come to my mind in decreasing importance

    • browser next
    • bluetooth car kits compatibility
    • miracast TV set compatibility (maybe including support on additional existing UT devices)
    • Halium support and halium device ports (we do need UT on a premium device like OP3!)
    • convergence
    • a replacement for aggregate scopes. (maybe something like widgets?)

  • I also wanted to THANK YOU for 16.04 and tell you how GREAT the phone (Pro 5) works now, how fluid the interface is and just in general what a breath of fresh air this is! Many, many thanks, keep up the good work! I'm a big fan. I tried to stick to Meego and what a sad story that was and how happy I am to see that UBports did not abandon but continued this project...

  • Ah okay. Thanks @dobey

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    Following on from what was said, I was wondering...

    Would it be possible / beneficial to split the OS into two discrete sections:

    • The Unity8 Snap module. The working part of the OS which would sit comfortably over

    • a Core layer of Android/Hailum or the Linux kernel depending on the device it was running on.

    (Is this the route Google seem to be going (following Canonical's lead), or is this an over-simplistic conceptual model?)

    (@MariusQuabeck - I think MorphOS would make a really good name for the OS)

  • Hi

    If I understood him correctly, last Saturday @UniSuperBox said that OTA-4 would be pushed to anyone on 15.04 developer or RC channel... Did that happen? I'm on 15.04 dev, and was expecting a parcel of joy in >Settings>Updates, but there was none to be had. 😞

  • @3arn0wl yes, the upgrade process started yesterday and it will be completed in the next days.

    That means that not all the devices get the upgrade at the same time (this way is better for UBports infrastructure).

  • Ah! I see. Thanks for that, @advocatux. More patience needed!

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