Nexus 5.

  • @chdslv This is the list of current devices I say current as porting to other devices is taking places and will be announced when they are ready. As each device has to be individually ported and this takes time and a lot of work.
    If you have the skills you can try your own port or if like me that is way above what you can do patience is they say a virtue. I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful to you or anyone else, but it can get rather annoying to the developers to keep getting can you port to this or that device requests.
    So hold tight new devices are on the way as UBports moves ever forward.

  • @lakotaubp I tried to buy either One plus One, or a Fairphone 2, but none can be found. Only the newer ones are available in 2nd hand internet shops here. Very few N5s too. Old phones, more than 4 years old are pretty hard to find. I was lucky to get a decent N5. Even though the N5 works quite all right, some apps don't work well, such as Unav, Maps, OpenStreetMap. For example, OpenStreetMap found me few 100 meters away from, where I was, but today it placed me across the Baltic sea in Sweden. This could be something wrong with the app, or something wrong with device -- checking the gps -- problem of used old phones. That's why to thoughts about at least 2 year phone.

    I have an Android phone too, bought new 2 years ago. I'd have to use it, if I am travelling, that is, take the sim out and put in that device. That defeats the idea of using UT.

  • @chdslv Yes the nexus is showing its age now. The new ports are not to far off I don't think. Maybe early next year if I have read things correctly. There has been talk of other One Plus devices and Htc. Others will know more than me but are probably waiting till everything is ok before announcing things.
    I have both nexus and OPO which I got from eb--. The nexus is now really for emergency and playing about with. Give e-*y a try. might explain why the other app can be a bit off.

  • @lakotaubp I only need the navigation app, if I am driving to an unknown area. So, I shall be using UT on N5 for normal phone stuff for next few weeks. I'm hoping it'd work well, so I can continue using it.

    Btw, found a used OPO, but its price is bit more than an iphone 6 plus.

  • @advocatux
    Sorry to come back to this thread, but I've noticed over the last couple of weeks, that the battery-life on my N5 seems to be significantly improved. I don't know if anything's been changed in the code, but thanks, all. 🙂

  • @3arn0wl which channel are you using in your N5?

  • @advocatux
    I really oughtn't to be, but I'm using dev! (I'm too impatient to wait for the goodies!)

  • Hello all Nexus 5 owners.
    I'm starting to think about changing my BQ and buying a Nexus 5, but I see a some different models like 5, 5X
    Does Nexus5X work with ubports or just Nexus 5?


  • @uri Nexus 5 yes, Nexus 5x no.

  • ok thanks.

  • @negations I just wanted to do more that +1 this because over the last couple of weeks I have renewed my interest in UT because the N5 is running so cleanly. In the states they are so inexpensive to get, parts are so cheap and easily replaced that I keep a spare laying around in working condition so if something goes bad (because of being drop kicked usually) I just swap the sim card and carry on then have the new part in and replaced by the weekend. I had to repair an Android device so picked up an old UT N5 and can't seem to make myself switch back. Very smooth, very attractive.

  • @dshimer I agree, I was off ubports for a bit because my wife's phone died and she needed (Android, sigh) a replacement quickly, thus a Nexus 5 was used up. But I presently laid hands on another, and here I am back with a daily driver again! This one was, hmmm, like $60, with everything including battery in good condition.

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