Dekko email notification going mad

  • When i turn on my tablet at the end of a hard day do i get all my email notifications, even for the emails that i have already deleted on other devices. Is there a way i can change some setting so that i only get email notifications for email still alive? sometimes if I do not turn the tablet on for a few day, the email notification goes mad, only to find I have two or three email not read.

    Strangly enough I have not noticed this on the phones.

  • @ukphil Hi have you updated to the new beta in the openstore if you haven't already and try that first. Since your last report of this issue in Sept I haven't seen another incidence crop up. Also have a look here to see the work that is being done on Dekko 2 there maybe something relating to your issue in there.

  • Mhmm, yes, I cannot reproduce that. So its not a general problem. Has to be a corner case or something special to your tablet (as you said yourself already...). But I cannot imagine what. You may file a bug. Therefore send yourself a mail please with device A and watch the incoming notification in the indicator on device B (where all works as expected) and on your tablet. (may take up to 5 minutes). Then read and if you want also delete the mail and watch the notification disappear in the indicator (may again take some time...). Then attach .cache/upstart/dekkod.log and .cache/upstart/dekkod-notify.log from device B as well as from the tablet to the bug report. You would have to enable logging for dekkod for that by setting Enabled=1 in the section [StdStreamLog] in .config/dekko2.dekkoproject/dekkod.conf. Maybe we get an idea then what is going wrong there...

  • I have updated to Dekko 2 and still the issue is occurring.

    I will look I to enabling the log and attaching it.

  • I would agree that there is some "madness" with notifications going on (but obviously "going mad" is not a useful issue description in a bugtracker 😛 ).

    Without paying close attention, I am pretty sure I see two "mad" things:

    • I get one notification sound PER email. I find it quite annoying. I'd prefer ONE sound for every non-empty set of new emails.
    • I get notifications for emails that I have READ on another device. That doesn't make sense to me

    What I haven't observed and I can't really come up with a reasonable theory:

    • notifications for emails that you DELETED elsewhere.
      If that really happens, that almost sounds more like an issue in your other mail client (not syncing the deletion back to the imap server). From dekko perspective an email is either there or not ..... well. now that I think about it ... I think emails can be marked as deleted in imap ... well. either way. IF you actually get notifications for deleted emails I'd be very curious to see a clear reproduction.

  • @doniks I have just installed the beta 2 version of Dekko 2 so I will leave it a few days and see if I get the notifications through for deleted emails still.

  • @doniks while i agree that it would be better to have one notification sound per set of emails (just to illustrate for everyone what is happening there: dekko is checking for mail/syncing every x minutes, and in the meanwhile there may have arrived more than one mail. In this situation dekko generates one notification per email all at once) but one for each, i would like to keep one entry per mail in the notification list/indicator. (Not sure how i think about the bubbles...) So, not sure whether its possible to have only one pling but an dedicated entry for each mail in the indicator (i doubt it).
    What i observed regarding notifications on multiple devices with respect to mail is read/deleted is:

    • both my ut devices are getting the notification if a new mail arrives -> fine
    • if i read the mail on one of the devices the notification vanishes on the other device with the next sync -> fine
    • since theres a bug in dekko doesn't let me delete my mails, i've deleted a mail using mutt, which also caused the notification to disappear on both ut devices -> fine

    So for me all in all that looks quite okay...

  • I agree that one sound would be better than lots of beeps. The whole idea is to notify the user of new mails, not to annoy them with lots of beeping if they have a few new emails.

    With the notifications I mentioned, it is the bubble notifications that go down the side of the screen not the notification bar at the top.

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