Q&A 38 This Saturday 13/10/18 At 19:00 UTC

  • Time to start preparing for this weekends Q&A . You now know the date and time 13/10 at 19:00 UTC but the questions are down to you. So get your little grey cells working in an UBports Ubuntu Touch way and post your questions below. The sooner they are in the sooner we can prepare our answers for you.

    Them watch the event live here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qoQ13Ay-GI

  • It was repeatedly stated that liberapay is working again. I cannot really find how to fund my account. I only see ways to draw money from account.

    Paypal and Stripe seem to be for people receiving money. Am I missing something?

  • Ages ago Mark Shuttlewoth had a vision of UT on many fronts. One of them was set top boxes. Do you know about any project working on SAT receiver UI using UT (unity)?

    Is there any other interesting IOT device using UT UI? Or maybe someone working on it?

    • What are the top project needs right now? (if that's "resources", please try to be more specific)

    • What are the top "developer wishlist" items that haven't been worked on yet?

  • How can you activate the subtitles of You tube in other languages? , it would be more pleasant for those of us who do not know very well how to speak in English, for me reading in English is easier than listening to it.


  • It is already a real miracle what you do for a so little team of developers ! BiG CONGRATULATIONS !

    This question must be asked :

    I fully understand the desire to move forward, to bring new features.... But so i see, at this time, 418 bugs and a new morph-browser with 22 bugs ! Yes, maybe all are not blocking bugs but simply very annoying. As for example copy paste for the browser, low volume of sound for listening a call... I don't go in details, too much. *** Could you make a '''break''' and plan a big debugging OTA ?? ** Only on issues, all working only to smooth the phones.. I don't think it will be a loss of time..... UNLESS THE OTA 7 (i saw this in milestones) fixes a lot of bugs.. But what sorts of bugs ? Can you explain ?
    An other option why not periodically altern debugging OTAS ?

  • The changelogs of the core apps don't get any updates anymore. How can we get back changelogs/release notes for the core apps? (at least the ones who have a maintainer.) May you please define any kind of process that app maintainers can follow to update/get in the changelog of an core app?

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