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  • i guess i‘m still not that relevant here - i’m not yet an UBports or Ubuntu Touch user yet, neither Android or Tizen, but i’m quite curious about the potential UBports can have everywhere (smartphones, tablets, smart-tvs, game consoles, etc.)

  • I'm a dreamer. I'm here to help UT community and bring gnu/linux + Libre projects to mobile devices. Thank you.

  • Hey guys

    I'm Bry Wilson, a marine biologist and bioinformatician, started as a SUSE user in 2005, moved on to Ubuntu Warty Warthog soon after (ah, the joy of compiling my own ndiswrapper for wifi-access), stuck with Ubuntu until 2014 and then migrated to Arch. For s**ts and giggles, I made the jump to FreeBSD two months ago 🙂

    I bought a second hand Nexus4 in late February 2013 just to install the first hilariously unuseable Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview install. I've been using Ubuntu Touch as my only and everyday phone for two years nows (my worthwhile friends installing Telegram on their Android and iOS phones just to stay in touch with me...). I picked up a secondhand Meizu Pro5 in January in anticipation of the move to 64-bit snaps - and then of course Canonical pulled the plug 😕

    For me, the absolute number-one defining advantage of UT (not counting the relative security of being free of the locked-down Android and iOS ecosystems) is the native terminal - and the power of customisation that gives me. I've briefly flirted with Android and installing a terminal on there but it is a pale almost powerless shadow of the UT's native one.

    I've been using the Meizu Pro5 in full convergence mode (with a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2, Dell 24" monitor, Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard and Logitech M555b bluetooth mouse) as my everyday production machine since February. Essentially all of my work involves running analyses on high-performance computers over ssh and so I'm just leaping between tabbed terminals on UT, my Rockwork linked Pebble Steel notifying when my jobs have completed. I'd also call myself an emacs "power user" (essentially living within the emacs environment) and have a full setup installed in my UT root directory, with my org-mode terminal constantly running on my phone. I write my publications in LaTeX and so have also installed a xenial chroot with emacs again, a full TeXLive installation and R statistics software.

    There's still a number of crucial bugs in UT convergence and I've spent a lot of time in recent months scripting workarounds for those - I'm a fairly passionate believer in UT and will try to support UBports in any way I can - I think it's a fabulous community!

    For the record as well, I'm installing the UBports updates over adb in recovery mode (pushing over the files to the sdcard and untar-ing them on the phone) and keeping all of my data intact with each upgrade. A simple bash script then reinstalls all of my emacs packages back into the root directory afterwards.

    I'm very much hoping that UBports might still give us 64-bit M10 and Pro5 owners the Xenial snap update!

    Cheers and thanks for all the hard work guys


  • @BryWilson I'm also a lover of the UT terminal and do a lot of things with it (like logging to a server and reading my email with mutt), and I'm also an emacs freak. I pretty much use also your workflow (LaTeX, logging to servers with ssh and running R and other software) , but I only have a Bq E5, so no convergence, so it would be great if you could document how to setup your environment on a convergent UT phone for us to not reinvent the wheel. I for one would be very grateful.

  • Hi i'm Jonathan from the U.K
    I own a meizu pro 5 and use netrunner and ubuntu on my pc/laptop etc

    career wise i install and test railway signalling equipment

    started off in the early 1980's with sinclair zx81, spectrum ,vic 20 ,dragon 32 and BBC model b computers and the usual Atari 2600 and colecovision consoles

    after a a fair few years i am getting back into it with linux and starting to teach myself programming

    i aim to have a go at programming for Apps

  • Bonjour à tous, je viens juste de migrer mon tel BQ Aq5 de Ubuntu Touch vers UB ports. Je compte sur les développeurs et sur la communauté du libre pour assurer le succès d'UBports, j'ai envie de continuer sur Ubuntu, je l'utilise depuis 2008 sur mon ordinateur et depuis 2014 sur mon tel.
    Combien sommes nous d'utilisateurs d'UBports ?

    Hello everyone, I just migrated my such Bq Aq5 from Ubuntu Touch to UB ports. I rely on developers and the free community to ensure the success of UBports, I want to continue on Ubuntu, I use it since 2008 on my computer and since 2014 on my tel.
    How many UBports users are we?

  • @PascalDC Bonjour Pascal,

    ca va bien?

    To answer your question, we dont know, but estimations are between 500 and 700, at least that many have switched to UBports 🙂


  • @zx81 Welcome! Would you be also interested in testing / Q&A? I assume you are an experienced guy from your job when it comes to testing stuff xD


  • @Flohack
    500 to 700 devices already switched to UBports?
    wow, I didn't expect that much.
    Sure that's nothing compared to Android, but it's a huge amount for that "new" os.

  • @Flohack Thanks for your answer, i understand my next phone should be Fairphone or nexus 5 (I didn't find where to by a one plus phone) I'm interested by fairphone 2 but on the list of what's works, GPS is highlighted in pink ? does-it means the GPS doesn’t works with UBports ?

  • Pour la France, nous sommes au moins 2 😜

  • @WLBI
    i bought my bq5hd in the year 2016.
    under phone settings / about device / i found my serial number into 400's..... so i assume/suppose that this was the total number of bq5hds with 'ubuntu-SO' on it/ left the factory....but thats only a theory in my mind.

  • @PascalDC on fairphone 2 GPS and AGPS works like charm. Navigation with uNav is reliable and fast.

  • @Locamama
    On est bcp plus nombreux, c'est sur la communauté Ubuntu Touch que j'ai connu UBports et ils m'ont incité à migrer, ils sont nombreux

  • @Bastos ok Bastos thanks for your answer.
    I should by one of theses fairphone

  • @mike
    Well, the serial of this hardware devices counts also when it's a Android device. Not only Ubuntu. Because the hardware is the same.

  • @WLBI
    thats very interesting. I search for days for an source of this,
    are you shure about this ? I was first thinking the same but....
    my problem in this case is that i dont know how the serial number is created. ( find nothing in the networks )
    Maybe its closed information of the company, i dont know.
    But a device delivered with a extrem low serial number ( low range of 400s..).
    its sound for me unbelievable that this number UA004xx only stands for all devices (Android+Ubuntu) from Aquaris.
    A company dont sells only 400 devices...that was the reason why i had the theory that this 400 stands only for the
    aquaris-devices with Ubuntu on it. it would more compare to @Flohack posts of ca 700 Ubuntu Devices..
    i was mentioned that it is even possible that some mobile-phone-factory's run different serial-number-ranges for different mobile-systems ???
    It would be very kind if you can say me where you have this information.
    ( you said "the serial of this hardware devices counts also when it's a Android device" )
    How i said. i own an Aquaris-bq5hd.
    What are your sources for your final knowledge about this ?
    It would be helpful to figure out how many devices are running Ubuntu Touch
    ( if the serial number are related to the Operating System )
    Or we never find out 😉

    Thanks for your reply.

  • @mike
    Well, to be true, that's what I think. I don't have any source or prove for this.
    I bought my BQ E4.5 very early, just a few days after it was released. Any my serial is more than JU014000. How can they sell more than 14,000 Ubuntu devices in just a few days?
    Also my tablet M10 FHD, I bought it right now, when it was available and the serial is almost ML2000
    BQ is a small company, so they are not selling thousand devices every day like Samsung.
    Well, I can't prove, that's just my thoughts.

  • @mike , @WLBI we have a statistics engine: https://stats.ubports.com/ so you can read the number, the contries and the channels 😉


  • @WLBI
    yea 14000 devices are a lot.
    thats seems indeed more like android + ubuntu
    thanks 🙂

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