Ubuntu Touch Programming Course

  • @mimecar hi, good to see you :)

    Yes, LaTeX is more complete than the other two tools, and its output has the highest possible quality, but it has the steeper learning curve too, and that's not good if you want people helping you with your course, someday.

    I personally don't see LibreOffice as a good option, so my opinion based in tool functionality, and user-friendliness, I think Sphynx is the best option :)

  • @mimecar Hello

    I follow this forum since some months and I was really happy to discover your work (as I said above). There was a chance for me to develop GUI for usefull functions, which is my favorite hobby. I've been programming since the 80's with so many old langages, from microcode to object oriented. However, I don't know about collaborative methods of coding. It's difficult for me to involve in big projects. Nevertheless, I thought that your work could help me to be usefull for the community.

    Unfortunately, I'm blocked (as described to youself and others above). I've read that I'm not the only one to have problems. So, mimecar, sorry but I've no idea about the questions you asked. But what I know is that it would be more usefull for the community to give your time in unblocking volunteers instead of improving your (really nice) documentation. Is it possible please ?

    Best regards

  • Infrastructure

    FYI we are in an experimental state with building the sdk again: https://github.com/ubports/usdk-image-tools/pull/1 - if this Pull Request is finally merged it should be able to generate a new SDK :)


  • @flohack wow, that would be really cool \o/

  • @flohack Thank you for the answer
    I don't understand very well what is said on your link. Here is my lack of knowledge about collaborative methods of coding. I'm a poor lonesome coder ...
    But if the work is about to succeed, it's a very good news !
    Best regards

  • @mimecar Hi...In my opinion, LaTex is the best option, easy and with sufficient resources to guarantee a comfortable edition.

  • @flohack Great...It would be great, it's very important for the Ubports ecosystem to have a SDK working without give us a lot of isssues.

  • Community

    @mimecar I know that everyone will have their opinion on your choice of technology, but I can say that document flow and downloadable formats are very good with Sphinx and ReStructuredText. At UBports, we mainly use Read the Docs to accomplish our documentation. The Godot game engine also uses Read the Docs for their documentation quite successfully.

    If you have any questions on using any of these technologies, drop me a PM and I'll be happy to help you get them set up.

  • Good afternoon.

    I have dedicated this week to analyzing the different options that I have. For the facilities that it gives, I will use ReadTheDocs. Although it does not give me as much control as the other options (LaTeX, LibreOffice, etc.), it allows me to fulfill the needs that I have:

    • Reduced time since I finish an entry and it is published.
    • To be able to have the course in several formats (HTML, PDF, etc.)
    • Being able to have the documentation in several languages (facilitates collaborations)
    • Integrated with version control.

    I'm going to dedicate this month to migrate the course to ReadTheDocs. Next month there would be new delivery of the course. I still do not know if it will be at the beginning or at the end of the month.

  • @mimecar said in Ubuntu Touch Programming Course:

    Next month there would be new delivery of the course.

    This is great news! Thanks a lot!

  • @mimecar looks great!

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