most wanted core apps to run ubuntu as daily phone OS

  • I would find it nice to have a clear picture about "app importance" btw... How about a poll for that? For example that one:

  • @hummlbach Thanks for that. I have it synced to an evernote account. Works well for me, just the "allow access for" part seems to vary.

  • @hummlbach it's funny with this to get the priority more visual

  • @flohack and others thank You for the clarification of this matter. Regarding "But keep in mind, currently telephony makes little sense, since Apps dont execute in the background due to the design of the OS" and this is not optimistic conclusion :(. The internet telephony/messaging without notifications in background makes its usefulness very limited. I hope it will be possible to "fix" it somehow in the future. I wish it all of us!

  • @stefano do You know what is the chance that android apps working in Anbox will be sending notifications from the background (I'm about the telephony/messaging apps)? Flohack has wrote that the structure of the OS doesn't currently give the possibility of notifications from background working apps...

  • @cheniek This is a complex question. To receive notifications you will need Google Play services installed, and then, they need to be able to run in the background. We cannot say yet if this will ever work.

  • @flohack Thank You for this reply. As I wrote above I hope the notifications from apps working in background will be implemented somehow in UT in the future. If this is not a core app/functionality it is for sure very important matter for large number of people. Best Regards!

  • @cheniek the main problem is how to have a privacy-minded device running non-privacy-minded apps.

    Most Google apps need a lot of tracking to work properly, and UT have a strict apparmor policy.

    Probably we can find a balance for some apps, but some of them are not going to work the same as when running on an Android device, that's for sure, and I think is going to be a permanent source of frustration for some users.

  • Thanks for doing this, @hummlbach. I hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of adding some absolutely non-essential, non-core apps. UT seems to be on the cusp of a really exciting metamorphosis. I know the devs are concerned to replace the browser - for good reason, as far as my understanding can discern, but this is not 2013, and we're not back at square one. There are already thousands of us who use UT as our daily driver; who know what millions of others don't yet - that UT is already the best OS available, bar none.

    The hope is that the adoption of 16.04 will enable even more FOSS goodness.

  • @3arn0wl It does saves notes well but the "issue" is that the app by default is "syncing" the notes to Evernotes. In order to save your notes "locally" you have to change that in the note-app settings

  • Ah! I see, @malditobastardo - I didn't explore the app well enough at the time.

  • @advocatux I understand it, but it is a reply to my question regarding the android apps working in Adbox. I asked a wider question what app can we use now/will use as soon as possible on our UT devices which will be open source (at best) and work as same as Signal (including voice calls) for example and with background notifications of course?

  • @cheniek I think nobody has the answer for that. I guess we'll need to test each app, one by one, and see what happens.

    Some Android apps will work, some others more or less, and some others won't work at all.

    Also an Android app working fine on Anbox now is under a sort of sword of Damocles permanently because upstream could change something vital to run it properly or something like that.

  • I emailed the developers of Symphytum, and got a response. Oirio Joshi wrote:


    "A mobile version requires to rewrite the GUI part entirely, so that's probably not going to happen anytime soon, unless anyone is interested in contributing that. I think a mobile friendly GUI could be shared with android and other linux based mobile systems.

    "Symphytum is more or less in maintenance mode, where smaller features and bug fixed can be expected but we, as a small team, don't have the resources for such a big change, but who knows what the future looks like."

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