A guide for new users

  • In my opinion, for users who have never used the Ubuntu Touch system before. It is hard to know how to use Ubuntu Touch because all operation are hidden. And It would be great to set a ‘Simple to get started’ at the first time of system start. And add some guides in 'UBports' app for some addition guides.

  • Improving the ubports welcome app with some guides is a good idea 🙂
    There is already the tutorial on startup where you can see how to use the starter and the gestures of the system. So it should be clear how to use the starter, the topbar, the app overview and how to start apps in general.

  • Didn't the Welcome guide introduced you the first time you run UT?

  • @krille
    a video guide,updated at intervals,tips for the regular guy in the street type,to learn the little things,most take for granted

  • At the moment there are a couple of guides in the blog, e.g. https://ubports.com/de_DE/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/vpn-on-ubuntu-touch-178

    It probably needs some way to display just the guides from the blog (or it already exists and I'm just not aware).

  • @ingo meanwhile there's a better solution, @Lakotaubp maintains a tutorial list at https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1334/ubports-tutorial-links-collection

  • @cibersheep It didn't showed in my devices, but only the time setting, wifi setting and some other setting.

  • These picture is the Meizu Flyme User help app.(It is Chinese because my main language is Chinese, I added some translation for it.)
    I think Ubuntu touch should also have a app like this.

    This picture shows a search input on the top.
    The character “新手指引,老死机带你玩转Flyme” on the top means "A guide for these are new". Click it will show some tips of Flyme.
    Blow it are some tips(also some ads, :<);
    And then is Normal question(常见问题), click will show next picture
    Some useful translation:
    搜索问题=Search question
    提交 Bug=log a bug
    功能建议=feature request
    全部专题=All topic(just a blog of flyme)
    魅友知道=Meizu's fan Q&A(someone can ask a question, and other answer this question)
    Meizu user help

    And this picture is the "Normal question"(常见问题), a Q&A by Meizu offical. It shows a list of what sort of question,such as use of communication apps (通讯), network(网络),setting(设置)
    These really help when searching for a solution of a question. Rather than put all Q&A together.
    some useful translation:
    通讯=Communication apps
    桌面与主题=Desktop setting and themes
    系统程序=Core apps
    系统工具=as same as core apps, I don't know why meizu set two instead of one.
    帐号与安全=Online account and security
    手机管家=phone Guardian
    相机与图库=camera and gallery
    电量管理=buttery manager
    实验室=some test feature in flyme
    Meizu user help 2

  • Looks good. We could redesign the ubports welcome app the same way.

  • @krille that was the idea of this week's design extravaganza 🙂

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