Unity8 Home Menu Design

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    This is my Unity8 Home Menu Design concept.

  • @louies Just tidied it up a bit.

  • Looks pretty! But won't things be too tiny on a 5-6 inch phone?

  • I really don't think we should be trying to turn the Unity 8 app drawer into the same as the Unity 7 dash was, which it looks like your design here is intended to do. Also, adding a secondary vertical panel like this seems excessive. Why do you think we need it there?

    IMO, there is way too much noise going on in this mockup.

  • @Louies I'm an dinosaur terminal guy, i don't get completely what i'm seeing there... 😁 So on the right side its the app drawer with the "home menu" collapsed right? Can you please make two separate pictures for me? What do you mean by "Your app"? The grey boxes should indicate that apps can somehow be grouped together? So I also feel, there are really a lot of controls in here 🙂 but I appreciate your ideas and suggestions! Lets discuss which maybe are redundant and which of the controls bring real ux improvements. Me personally i really want to see this app grouping feature (instead of sorting the apps alphabetically which i really find horrible ux!). Thanks for creating this mockup.

  • Hey Louies, this looks interesting.
    In my opinion the buttons on the side are not a bad idea. We could easily access all photos, videos, music and... hearts?... on the phone. But to make it more easier to reach we could place them to the bottom. Also we could make it easy for developers to create their own buttons. Scopes 4ever... 😃

  • @krille thanks<3

  • is there a way to have in the your app section (the middle) something like a unified scope
    back in the old topic : https://forums.ubports.com/topic/568/the-big-scope-question/8

    I proposed to keep scope but to separate the content producer from scope rendering
    Developpers add something like dispatcher in their manifest & return a json when called (optional arguments ?)
    Home screen let filters and draw those jsons data.

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