Q&A 41 This Saturday 24/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC

  • The latest Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday. So if you haven't already it's time to start thinking about, planning and getting those questions into us as soon as possible. Please post your questions here, the earlier the better so we have plenty of time to prepare and give you the fullest answer we can.

    The youtube link to watch live is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ta36_DUzI

  • @ubportsnews How is the OTA-6 forming on? No much progress is visible on the Github Milestone site, any news on that?

  • How is the Unity8 situation?

  • When upgrading to Xenial we lost quite a few games on OpenStore.
    Currently HTML5 games seem to be the only option for game developers, even though there is no WebGL available. The WebStorage is also pretty limiting when it comes to saving games and it also behaves a little wonky. Saved data is sometimes lost after one of the random reboots on FP2.

    My questions:

    • What is the state of GPU accelerated native games for running them on UT?
    • How about including some widely used Libraries like SDL or Love2d into the system image?
      Love relies on SDL and uses LUA as scripting language. The cool thing about it is, that it acts as an interpreter for games written in LUA. The game developer doesn't need to compile anything, just zip their project folder and pass it over to the love2d executable.
    • I created a thread about game engines supporting UT here. Maybe you could do some advertising in the Q&A to get a few C/C++ developers on board since all we currently have are HTML5 engines. Unfortunately compiling a game engine for ARM Linux is not straight forward.

  • Any news on the contact manager? Doing testing with UT as my full time phone OS and while I can add Google account for contacts, it does not populate contacts in the app. Tried a gist to sync my Nextcloud contacts as well, and while the contact database is listed in the dropdown, the contacts don't sync either. Contact management should be considered top of the list for a phone OS, in particular for folks who wouldn't want to mess with the command line on a phone.

  • @geekvine said in Q&A 41 This Saturday 24/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC:

    ... Contact management should be considered top of the list for a phone OS, in particular for folks who wouldn't want to mess with the command line on a phone.

    (see https://github.com/ubports/address-book-app/issues/3 as well)

  • What do you think about implementing SMS encryption for the messages app? On Android there is the app Silence, which can send and receive encrypted SMS using the Signal protocol. Could we make the messages app compatible with this?

    (One suggestion: If fluffychat gets end2end encryption, it would use the normal matrix encryption library called olm which is an implementation of the Signa protocol so maybe we could simply reuse it.)

  • @louies said in Q&A 41 This Saturday 24/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC:

    How is the Unity8 situation?

    This is asked every Q&A, but I don't think there's a need to repeat the answer every time. I presume you're asking about Unity8 on PCs, and the asnwer is still "some progress, but it is very slow." There are a lot of issues still to be worked out there.

  • @obacht i'm aware of the issue, that's why i wanted to bring it up. i feel like this should be top of the list for an OTA.

  • @geekvine @obacht As has been mentioned multiple times in Q&As in the past, questions about specific bugs will not be answered there. Please don't continue to ask such questions for the Q&A, as it's not the place to get issues resolved. The issue tracker on GitHub is for those discussions.

    Also please do not say "X should be considered top priority for a phone OS" in reference to bugs. Yes, it is your opinion, and it is fine to have such an opinion, but making such claims in reference to your pet bugs is a bit threatening and off-putting to developers and other members of the community.

    Frankly, there are more important issues at the moment than contact sync not working for one person (it does in fact work for many others). For example, others would very much like the phone to not crash when taking a picture, or such. So please be more considerate and realize there are many open issues, some which may be higher priority for developers to fix, than a specific issue you may be seeing at one particular point in time.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @chdslv I've removed your post. Please, don't spam all the forum threads with that same topic. You have already stated your point. Several times. Thank you.

  • @advocatux Well, if you think it is not a real problem, then that's all right with me. I might as well forget about UT completely.

  • @chdslv It's not that anyone thinks it's unimportant, but as we have said many times before the issue is well known. I totally agree with @advocatux above. This has been done to death now. Please do not repeat the same issue again on the forum it will just be removed.

  • @lakotaubp said in Q&A 41 This Saturday 24/11/18 @ 19:00 UTC:

    @chdslv It's not that anyone thinks it's unimportant, but as we have said many times before the issue is well known.
    This has been done to death now.

    For those, who have been here for a long time, it might be an old horse, but for me, who had bought a N5 few weeks ago just to install UT, it is a big problem. Might as well go back to stock rom.

  • @chdslv please, stop now. You have started several threads with the same topic, and there's a dedicated thread in General about that issue right now.

    You can't hijack every thread with your complains. So, stop now or you'll get banned.

  • I observed than even if BQ E 4.5 and BQ E5 HD aren't recent phones, they are yet good and stable phones for ubuntu touch (maybe because the first phones with specifically hardware and firmware adapted for UT ?) : they well support Xenial and aren't too much bugged, probably less problems than others phones converted to UT.

    So the linked questions :

    were there any recent attempts of working in partnership (more obligations but more money) with BQ ?

    The ULTIMATE goal isn't it to come back to a commercial phone with a major brand ?

  • @domubpkm hi, afaik BQ keeps an eye on UT 😉

    On a related note, @Guf has a port for BQ Aquaris U Plus almost ready (https://github.com/Halium/projectmanagement/issues/54) 😃

  • @advocatux thanks for info.

  • @dobey thanks for the reply. Dalton was kind enough to bring this up to me on Telegram, so I'll keep it in mind in the future.

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