UBports Community Q&A: Saturday, May 13, 2017

  • @wgarcia
    i think they work with the magic-device-tool (marius) i hope i'm right ?

  • Just a few months ago I bought a Nexus 4 because I thought it seemed to be the safest choice to be supported by Canonical. Now it seems it is only supported until June, and only with security updates. What is the planned level of support from the Ubports team in the future?

  • Before I start shooting out questions, please let me put this in context. I am a day one ubuntu phone fan and supporter. I really find it great that you guys (same as me) still believe in the idea. I think this can still become great. But that doesnt keep me from having questions. 馃槈

    • About the ubports webpage.... It does not seem to be updated since quite a few weeks. Voted devices and information about donations for supporting a specific port have note changed for quite some time. This is not exactly encouraging more donations or help. How comes this is not updated for so much time?
    • In my opinion a port to a *current" platform like the op3 would be helpful to convince people about the advantages of ubuntu phone. When is this planned to become reality? It seems to make very little progress since quite some time...
    • to follow up on op3 ... does it include a port to op3t? It is not clearly stated anywhere.
    • I have been supporting ubuntu phone since the beginning, but astonishingly they have not been fixing basic features up to today when canonical has given up. I am talking e.g. about bluetooth car headset support that has not worked with any of my ubuntu phone devices. What is planned on your side in this? In my opinion it is a no go for many people if such basic functions are not working. Especially if you consider that in many counties car headsets are required to be allowed to use the phone while driving.
    • what will happen with convergence? will canonical continue to push their snaps idea? What about ubports devices, will they do so (too)?
    • finally about miracast. Even though I have multiple different ubuntu devices and tried with multiple different miracast dongles and TV sets, I did not manage to find a working combination. How comes? Is this expected to change? (soon?)

  • Hello,

    • Where are you in the roadmap of transitionning ?
      (server building image, etc...)

    • What is the forcast / planned load to be put on the bug fixe ?

    • Congrat for the patreon, any overview is split ?


  • @mike Yes, but what I mean is, now that there is no support from Canonical, these are no longer "official" devices, but they are fully ported, right? Why aren't they in the page of devices?

  • @ernest i agree to this post. It would be nice with a Gantt chart on the different todos including the status of the devices.
    At the moment I have my M10 in the drawer together with the e4.5 and running cm 14.1 on the pro 5. And it would be so nice to when I could come home to UT again on at least one of the devices...

  • @Lars We cannot ask for too detail feedbacks, it takes time all this reporting ^^

  • For App development: Will we stay with the Ubuntu QML components? And what about the style guide in general etc. (question from dfiloni)

  • 路 I've heard you successfully installed Anbox on a OnePlus One. Which apps did you try? Do F-Droid apps work fine?

    路 How can I try Anbox on my Ubuntu Touch device? Does it work fine?

    路 Will Anbox be included as part of Ubuntu Touch at some point?

  • When do you think we'll have to flash the device, to change the update channel?

  • @wgarcia

    i would not worry about this, there are only a handfull people to support webpages and coding.
    The "sudo-shutdown -h -canonical" was very surprising for all of us. but this is only my oppinion and i can be wrong 馃槈
    i think we ask together this ...
    Question 1. --> see @wgarcia
    Question 2. --> is the "magic-device-tool" able to work without canonical servers ? sorry i am new here so i create strange questions, feel free to smile about this. i wonder why ubuntu phone has not a "etc/../sources.list"?

  • what shall I do as a ut user, to continue using my phone? Do I need to do anything? Have a MX4.

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