Dekko as click?

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    on OpenStore two separate packages: the "old" DEKKO (I still use version 0.6.20) and the new package with limited functions.


  • In the recent restructuring of the project a new website has arisen, which you can find here. You will find links to the issue tracker, forum etc... so if you have any ideas, feature requests or want to get involved then head on over.

  • @DanChapman Wonderful !!

  • @DanChapman Thank you!

  • @DanChapman
    i have a crush on.....dekko now 🙂 so awesome :0)

  • A question for Dan,

    I am using now ubport touch 15.04(r9), Dekko is v. 0.6.20

    So the story started after i did flash my phone, and i had to install dekko all over again, so after i did install it again, i did choose the offline option and since then dekko keep on crashing, so i did uninstall and install again, the problem is still there.

    So any chance to wipe dekko completely out and install it all over again? The uninstall option don't delete the email settings.

    Regards and great to have you back working on dekko.

  • @bq4.5 You just need to delete the ~/.cache/dekko.dekkoproject, ~/.config/dekko.dekkoproject and ~/.local/share/dekko.dekkoproject directories to reset to default.

    And thanks! 🙂

  • @DanChapman said in Dekko as click?:

    @bq4.5 You just need to delete the ~/.cache/dekko.dekkoproject, ~/.config/dekko.dekkoproject and ~/.local/share/dekko.dekkoproject directories to reset to default.

    And thanks! 🙂

    Hi Dan, thanks for the quick answer, the problem is fixed thanks.

    Another question, when the next update will come? and for reporting bugs or ideas, you want us to do it here or in the new dekko website?

  • @DanChapman said in Dekko as click?:

    @bq4.5 You just need to delete the ~/.cache/dekko.dekkoproject, ~/.config/dekko.dekkoproject and ~/.local/share/dekko.dekkoproject directories to reset to default.

    And thanks! 🙂

    The website has links to the issue tracker and forum. 🙂

  • @DanChapman Thank you Dan for such a wonderful program! My Meizu Pro 5 is my only phone and I rely on Dekko daily for my emails. I am looking forward for the click package for version 2... 🙂

    Meanwhile I installed version 0.9.4 and then I uninstalled it because it didn't help me send emails. After that I reinstalled version 0.6.20. Now I would need help with this: everytime I restart my phone I still have Dekko 0.9.4 and I have to uninstall it again and reinstall 0.6.20. How can I permanently remove 0.9.4?

    Again, a big thank you!

  • From where I can get the 0.9.x version? The Ubuntu Store on my BQ E4.5 sill running Canonicals last OTA shows only 0.6.20. Thanks.

  • @mihael uninstalling the click should be enough to remove it. You should also wipe the directories mentioned in this thread before reinstalling 0.6.x

    If that doesn't work then it's possibly a bug in the click tools :-S

  • @guru that 0.9.x click has never been released, is not supported and was never suggested that it worked. I would advise not to install it as it was only created to test specific features about a year ago and was not intended for use by users. But it seems to keep going around.

  • @DanChapman Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate the time you take in developing this and then in answering questions like this. It must be a click error then.

  • Dan,

    Your Dekko app is for me one of the most used applications. I really like it and it helps me to monitor during the day in moments when I can not use my FreeBSD netbook/laptop my mails or answer them.

    Said this, there is one important thing I'm missing in Dekko: A threaded view of the mails and the ability to remove a full thread on one click. I'm subscribed to a lot of technical mailing-list, esp. *, openssl, gcc, ... and normally I do not read all incoming mails and decide based on the Subject: if some thread matters me or if I can help on some question/discussion. I did an analysis of my yesterday incoming mails: tech-list: 166, private-matters:3, SPAM:18, sent/bcc: 1, others:2. And most of the 166 I just deleted (by sliding right and pushing the red button). You see from where the request come of deleting full threads. I do not need this picture of the sender, I switched this avatar off (already for security reasons to not being monitored) and it just shows the letter(s) of the sender. This space of 8x8mm for me is just wasted space on the display. Maybe it could be used for threading, I don't know the API behind Dekkos UI and how much it would cost or if it is possible at all.

    Having said all this (which is no critic, only a Change Request), I want to thank you for this great application and your work!


  • @danchapman Good Day! Now i try to use UT 16.04. I try to install Vivid version from OpenStore, but they wan't run (only splash screen). Please give me .click actual file, or publish it in OpenStore for 16.04. Please, help me. Thanks!

  • @ierihon you're posting on a thread that's (almost) a year old 😉

    Anyway, Dekko for xenial is under development currently and we all will have a .click package when it's done.

  • @advocatux i will also 🙂

    There is dev version for testing?

  • @ierihon not for now. If you want to collaborate with Dekko project:

  • @advocatux i'm just beginner...


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