Interesting bug on Nexus 5 and a question

  • Hope all the folks here are having a great day. The other day I noticed rather bizarre bug. When I charge my Nexus 5 with charger that it came with it charges but also the screen becomes super sensitive. Meaning, it detects taps that aren't happening ! I tried to charge the phone using my laptop's USB port and it was OK. But as soon as I use the charger that goes straight into socket the screen starts to act up. Anyone with Nexus 5 noticed the same thing ?

    Also another question. Perhaps somebody who speaks often with core devs can answer this. Is it possible (I know it is) for UT apps to be more robust in a sense of not using HTML5 wrappers but self-contained apps ? Like the core apps ? Notes, Messages, Music player, etc ? I see many apps that are being developed for UT are just wrappers and not an actual self-contained applications that uses API under the hood to communicate with the world.

    Any thoughts ?

  • I think that issue isn't exclusive to the Nexus 5. That happens to my bq E5, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.
    Probably some electric ionic bonds that causes covalent electrons interfering with the quantum realm. LOL
    Kidding aside, might be really in the hardware part.

    As fo the apps it's definitely possible to have "native" apps.
    There are many of those in the store although the webapps/web containers are kinda overpopulating the store.
    The real issue is that it's not easy to create apps especially for mainstream services such Facebook, Google, etc.
    They won't create apps for us since we're still a niche market. So the workaround for now is to use the available web sites that mostly work anyway....better than none.

  • Thank you for your input, kugiigi.

    The only reason why UT project isn't mainstream is the lack of resources. Google, Facebook, Apple are where they are because of funding. If UT project got financial shot the development would be boosted beyond comprehension. I know that core devs are fundraising but the amount of money needed is still significant.

    Speaking of the screen. It's something that's happening only when charged from the wall socket so it's not a deal breaker for me. The benefits of using UT still outweigh the cons of using it.

  • @marek_python financial support can help to some extent (see past Canonical's experience) but Facebook et al won't open their APIs to third parties if they can't spy on users, for example 😉

    For your electric issue, have you tried to use a voltage protector plug/power strip?

  • @marek_python The core devs have said that it's not money so much as developer-muscle that's needed, but perhaps that's a fine distinction, since we could have more developer time if we could pay developers for their time. However, there is a purity to the work of the amateur (I use the word in its original sense): everyone working on this project loves it.

  • Money will definitely help but that doesn't equate to success in the mainstream....remember Windows? 😃

  • @kugiigi So true. I still don't understand why Windows 10 phones were unsuccessful. I liked those phones. They were different just like UT is different.
    By the way Windows 10 phones ARE around they just don't get any more features. They get security patches only. But Microsoft didn't throw the towel into ring completely. They work on Surface Phone. Search for it and see what comes up.

  • Having native apps requires someone to develop them. And in many cases, that someone has to be the company which owns the site you might be seeing in the webapps (what you're calling "wrappers" here).

  • @marek_python said in Interesting bug on Nexus 5 and a question:

    hen I charge my Nexus 5 with charger that it came with it charges but also the screen becomes super sensitive

    I got it with a low cost charger in old house last holidays. Get a new charger.

  • About the screen problem:
    I had the same problem, when I was on the train and charging the N5 on the wall socket.
    I think the problem was me charging on the Butt-Pants-Seat interface as well. As soon as I touched the protected earth wire of the socket (grounding myself) everything worked fine.
    Later I realized that the shielding of the cable was broken. I replaced it and hence forth I didn't have problems any more.

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