Dekko2: mails get stuck in Drafts folder

  • Sometimes (often) mails sent get stuck in a folder Draft after Dekko2 says 'queued'. Questions:

    • Why?

    • Will they resent later by dekkod?

    • If not, how one could resend them?

  • @guru, I have also seen this behavior. what I think is happening is that while a mail is being written, a draft version is automatically saved. But sometimes each draft is saved with a different message id, or something, so you can end up with one or more copies of the message in different stages of completion. Then when you send the message, the last copy is sent, and the earlier one(s) remain in the drafts folder. Since these are incomplete copies I tend to just delete them.

    I havent gotten around to checking if this has already been reported as a bug...

    If you should need to (re)send a mail in the drafts folder, just tap on it to open it for editing and then send it. But I would check first if there isn't already another copy in your sent folder.

  • @arubislander I found only this bug reported but i don't think it is exactly the same :

  • The issue #91 is exactly what I'm facing, sometimes in combination with having two versions of the mail in question in the Drafts folder. The workaround (tapping it and resending) has the problem that the signature is attached twice.

    I made a "me too" comment in #91. The last comment there is 10 months old. If someone guides me, I could perhaps collect a log of the situation.

  • @guru For the guidance, i think it's better to wait an answer of Dan, it will be more constructive.

    But so after reflexion, you can so check if you have an automatic backup in DRAF with your email provider and what is the periodicity of the backup, if you can adjust the periodicity or remove the backup. Maybe the periodicity of the backup of the email provider has an impact on this bug.

  • @guru about collecting log you can have a look here :

  • I configured now and restarted dekkod as:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ cat ~/.config/dekko2.dekkoproject/dekkod.conf
    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ restart dekkod
    dekkod start/running, process 26955

    The resulting log is very good and I'm familiar with such SMTP logs from sendmail and other MUA:

    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] Running action TransmitMessagesRequest 107185203838979
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  newConnection
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  Open SMTP connection
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: "220 ESMTP Exim 4.86_2 Ubuntu Sat, 02 Feb 2019 12:39:15 +0100"
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  SEND: "EHLO []"
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: " Hello []"
    [24252] Feb 02 12:39:16 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: "250-SIZE 104857600"

    Now I have just to wait and catch the next send resulting in Drafts ...

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