Cracked the screen of my BQ Aquaris M10 tablet

  • Hello,
    I recently cracked the screen of my BQ Aquaris M10 tablet which is quite annoying (accidentally stepped on it). Finding a screen/LCD replacement is nearly impossible. Should I just buy a new BQ Aquaris M10 tablet or should I consider getting a different tablet? I still want to run a linux distro whether it be UT or Plasma Mobile but don't see anything that will run both. Plus the Aquaris M10 is still the only officially supported tablet.

    Many Thanks

  • @catalyst hi, as it seems nobody has a better answer, I only can tell you that M10 is still a great tablet for UT and you can buy it pretty cheap.

    I don't know about other options for other OS, sorry.

  • try searching EBAY

  • @advocatux I agree that the BQ Aquaris M10 is a great tablet for UT. I've looked around on ebay from time to time and never found a suitable alternative. I'm writing this reply on my M10 tablet and last night I watched UT Q&A 44 on it.

  • @catalyst Just a thought: maybe BQ could replace the broken screen. On their support page, if you select 'broken screen', they offer to contact you. You can visit There you can find BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition. Then you can use the support menu system to find 'broken screen'.
    Good luck!

  • Hello Catalyst,

    To my opinion this is a quality device worth fixing. I bricked my E5 phone twice and the first time i sent it back for repair to BQ. It was almost as expensive as buying a new one but they made the thing like new. They even renewed the old Ubuntu-version and the battery as far as i know. So yeah, i say fix it (and learn to not trash it again) ✌

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