• NFC is a big security threat.
    Wireless charging is possibly carcinogenic.

  • @Jackl Both technologies are useful. You certainly right in either case, but as i think we will have the choice to activate or not for each, is it a real/full threat ? I don't know.

  • @Jackl Please do not spread FUD here. Unless there is technical evidence that can be quantified, a general statement is never right.

  • After following this thread for a while I must say I'm very interested in the PinePhone. Not having a removable battery is a dealbreaker for me so the Librem 5, despite how good it looks, is not an option. I also like how the plan it to reuse an existing battery.

    I'm also very pleased to see that the anti-feature of a fingerprint sensor has been omitted. If it is on the table for a PinePhone 2 I'd like to request the ability to physically remove it from the device (and possibly cover up the hole with a supplied piece of plastic).

    I have one quick question though; will it be possible to disconnect (and maybe even remove) the front camera? I don't consider it an essential feature to do so, but for me that camera is just dead weight.

    Thank you so much for developing this phone!

  • @Djhg2000 The dev kit has hardware switches for both front and back cameras, and we expect these features to make it into the final end-user product too. As for physically removing the front-facing camera from the case and PCB, I cannot tell you if its going to be easy or possible at all, since we're some 2 months away from an early prototype phone PCB.

    @Jackl again, we do not know if these features will make their way into the end-user units. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything. We're just exploring possibilities. Regardless, these features - if implemented - will be possible to be disabled / removed / not added, etc.,

  • I think wireless charging doesn't amount to much more than a copper coil, @PINE64

  • @3arn0wl said in PinePhone:

    I think wireless charging doesn't amount to much more than a copper coil, @PINE64

    Qi (wireless) charging is a little more complex than that.

  • Updated the OP with a pair of recent changes to the wiki:

    • Wifi now shown as "b/g/n" instead of "a/b/g/n."
    • 5 year availability (I think this was mentioned somewhere early on, but for some reason I had not listed it here.)

    Also noted that UT does not currently support VoLTE (as discussed in the VoLTE thread) though the PinePhone hardware should.

  • Hey all!

    Two pictures of the PinePhone mock-up and a bit of an update on how things are coming along here.

  • That's looking awesome 😍
    Would be so cool to have a PinePhone, a PineBook AND a PineTab for daily use and all of them with the same Ubuntu Touch OS 🙂

  • @PINE64 Just a quick question here. What performance can we expect from Pinephone? Similar to Nexus 5 -ish? Since the Soc is not exactly powerfull, what estimations/ expectations you have from Allwinner A64? Thanks.

  • @Stefano Truth be told that is probably a better question for @UniSuperBox or @mariogrip than me. I think we'll see some test images soon and find out then ...

  • @Stefano I would not expect an overwhelming performance at the beginning. We know that especially unity8 is not optimized for speed. So N5 might be more powerful. But you have to take small steps: A new phone is such a complex project in both hardware and software, it needs to be evolved. So the first devices will be gate-openers for UBports, and I think the generations to come will then be all loaded with the performance you need for non-techy users like your granny 🙂

  • @Djhg2000 said in PinePhone:

    "Not having a removable battery is a dealbreaker for me so the Librem 5..."

    I just went to their own web site, and they clearly say the battery is serviceable/replaceable.
    To be clear, you mean you want a phone with an externally removeable battery? Just
    click off? I can't remember the last phone I owned which had that.

  • @vandys I mean a removable battery as in a battery you can remove without tools.

    The Librem 5 as I understand it will have the battery on a cable connected to the mainboard and you'll need to disassemble the phone to replace it. Which to be fair means that it will indeed be user replaceable, but it also makes it really inconvenient to use as a method to implement the ultimate kill switch (physically separating the phone with it's battery). When I write an exam I don't want to risk it going off because the power button got jammed against something in my backpack.

    It also makes it impractical to swap batteries during the day if I need to. Most people argue that you can just bring a charger or a power bank with you, but if you had the option, would you honestly prefer that over just swapping out the battery with a spare that fits your pocket? No need to find a wall outlet and no need to waste some of the energy you bring with you on lossy DC/DC converters. It's probably the most efficient way to carry additional energy with you and most of the phone industry has totally forgotten about it.

    Seriously, how did it become acceptable to fumble around with a cable that takes your only I/O port and a brick larger than your phone just to cope with an unusually long day?

  • Here we have a few new developments showing the dev kit working 🙂

    PMOS with accelerated KDE Plasma Mobile:
    LuneOS (debugging some acceleration issues):

  • First post updated to link to the VoLTE discussion (in case anyone is interested in such details re. carrier coverage) and also to update the ATT info therein.

  • @Krille said in PinePhone:

    That's looking awesome 😍
    Would be so cool to have a PinePhone, a PineBook AND a PineTab for daily use and all of them with the same Ubuntu Touch OS 🙂

    I agree, and you forgot a Rockpro64 with Yunohost to host our private cloud (matrix server like synapse, needed for Fluffychat 🙂 , nextcloud...).

  • @Thatoo You could probably do most of these things with a single RockPro64 and still have some performance to spare 😉

  • @PINE64 Indeed 😊
    Well, I'm working on this idea as you can read here :
    If you know how to help us to make this tutorial or who could help us to make it, that would be great.

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