Call for an encrypted matrix voice/video call app

  • It would be really nice to have a very simple app dedicated to encrypted voice and video call through matrix network. No room chat, no text, no direct chat, no picture exchange, no file exchange, only making and receiving calls.

    Here is a list of feature I have been thinking of :

    • This app would have a read only cardbook permission to find our matrix contacts.
    • Voice calls
    • Video calls
    • E2E encryption
    • Multi account (private and work account for example). Maybe each account should have the right to read-only a specific cardbook (if possible).

    Fluffychat on one hand for chats and this app on the other hand. 😀

  • I heard about an idea of bounty for developing UT features and apps. I'd defenetly took part of a bounty to develop such app.

    Especially if this app would then become a snap and become available on Ubuntu too on the side of Fluffychat snap.

  • Hey, so you mean something like FaceTime. That would be great! I would like to take a look on this task after I have finished E2E encryption for FluffyChat 🙂

  • @Krille Indeed!
    Well I've never used facetime but knowing the taste of Apple for minimalist user friendly interface, I guess it is.

    +1 for @Krille
    I guess E2E is the difficult part, so after doing it once for Fluffychat, it will be a piece of cake for you 😉

  • Even just fixing the camera issue so that skype or other video chats could be used. This is one of the key features missing from UT imho.

    I'd love to have a cross platform option through matrix though, as I could then offer friends/family an alternative.

  • @Thatoo
    What about "Ring" now called "Jamie" by "Savoir Faire Linux" ... it is open source and runs on all major OS's including Android and IOS. Since there it is also compiled for Ubuntu, it might not be too much of an effort to port it to UT.

  • @marlboro50 well, first because I didn't know. And of course, I'd say "why not?"
    Secondly because I'm tired of opening accounts here and there and everytime asking my friends and family to join me...
    We want to move away from Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facetime and Slack to Matrix using our own personal server thanks to Yunohost. Yunohost makes everything so easy thanks to LDAP. One account for all services (email, nextcloud, matrix...)
    Matrix is a network that has already several clients on all platform. UT has already an awesome chat client with Fluffychat. It will only be missing a calling client.
    PureOS on librem5 will have such client by default.
    I want to communicate with a maximum of people and matrix is growing. Because matrix has a lot of qualities, can be bridged with others so it is attractive to all.. Because the french government is keeping investing on matrix so it gives confidence that it won't disappear tomorrow and it will keep growing.

    I don't know about Jamie, maybe it is growing too but I've never heard of it before and I don't have any friend or family using it yet.
    Computers have been made to make things easy to human, not to make them complicated. Before when you wanted to call, you were using a phone number and you were reaching your love one. Nowadays, you need to switch between apps and accounts.
    I love diversity don't take me wrong but when something is working and people are adopting it, let's go for it. And if you don't like matrix network or a specific client, I found great people who take the liberty (and have the knowledge for it) to build something else, but please make it work with what already exists, be compatible.
    And that, I'm afraid, Jamie isn't. It most probably work, maybe better, smoother than matrix but it is isolated, incompatible with the rest. It might be a free software but it doesn't give me the feeling of freedom to speak with my love ones.

    So, sorry but I would rather participate to a bounty for a light matrix call client on UT than for porting whatever other app.

    Krille? You were saying?
    Love you!

    Speaking of Bounty, if you love FluffyChat and want Krille to be able to work on this idea of a matrix call client for UT and snap, here are the way to help him.

    It is my own initiative to advertise his accounts. Krille is for nothing in it.
    As soon as UT will provide a bounty system, I guess we will all switch to that, but for now...
    I've discovered that UBports is on Liberapay too : . You forgot to add your mastodon account guys.

  • This is an interesting thread. I'm a fairly new user to ubports and really liked it. Unfortunately I cannot flash it to family members, because there are missing apps and I did not find voice guide for the map in the language I was looking for. One of the missing apps was Jami.

    I respect Thatoo's opinion but I have to say I do not share it. I'm not sure that an app is bad in itself just because someone did not hear about it. Btw it's called Jami, not Jamie. And for me it's great as I tested with contacts and family members on Android, iPhone, Linux and BSD.

    I'm not trying to say that Matrix is bad, because I used that too and it was ok for me. I just liked Jami better. Also I read about privacy issues regarding Matrix. I also tested Xmpp (which was ok, but some features were missing) but Jami is just easier to use. Also, I would not call such a cross-plattform app isolated, but I know what is meant above with the bridges. Anyhow, all I'm trying to say is that for some Matrix might be preferable, but for me (and surely for some other users) Jami is a great messenger and it'd be great to see it on ubports too.

  • Jami looks great! I would also like to see this ported.

  • I came across this post while looking for precisely this, some info on how far along fluffychat/UT matrix videocalls were along. I've just gotten my 73 year old mother to jump on the Matrix (via because of the excellent video-call quality there. Grandchildren are the perfect bounty in matters like this.
    Great to see that it's in the works. I guess I have to head over to patreon, then.
    cheers for great apps, everyone!

  • Couldn't sign up for patreon, but found Krille on Liberapay ( Set up a small donation there. I don't know you personally, but dig the stuff you've made.

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