Call for an encrypted matrix voice/video call app

  • This is an interesting thread. I'm a fairly new user to ubports and really liked it. Unfortunately I cannot flash it to family members, because there are missing apps and I did not find voice guide for the map in the language I was looking for. One of the missing apps was Jami.

    I respect Thatoo's opinion but I have to say I do not share it. I'm not sure that an app is bad in itself just because someone did not hear about it. Btw it's called Jami, not Jamie. And for me it's great as I tested with contacts and family members on Android, iPhone, Linux and BSD.

    I'm not trying to say that Matrix is bad, because I used that too and it was ok for me. I just liked Jami better. Also I read about privacy issues regarding Matrix. I also tested Xmpp (which was ok, but some features were missing) but Jami is just easier to use. Also, I would not call such a cross-plattform app isolated, but I know what is meant above with the bridges. Anyhow, all I'm trying to say is that for some Matrix might be preferable, but for me (and surely for some other users) Jami is a great messenger and it'd be great to see it on ubports too.

  • Jami looks great! I would also like to see this ported.

  • I came across this post while looking for precisely this, some info on how far along fluffychat/UT matrix videocalls were along. I've just gotten my 73 year old mother to jump on the Matrix (via because of the excellent video-call quality there. Grandchildren are the perfect bounty in matters like this.
    Great to see that it's in the works. I guess I have to head over to patreon, then.
    cheers for great apps, everyone!

  • Couldn't sign up for patreon, but found Krille on Liberapay ( Set up a small donation there. I don't know you personally, but dig the stuff you've made.

  • Does fluffychat not support matrix video calls? If so, why not?

  • @B2288 Because its one thing to make a chat app work, and 10x more effort to get audio/video right. Its really not so easy to implement such things on UT...

  • @Flohack Well, more like "it's one thing to design a basic text chat app, it's another to add all the extraneous features of any protocol to said client."

    It's not just about "getting a/v right" as you put it (this is actually quite easy). Rather, it's about designing a good user experience, which also facilitates all the features of the service, and prioritizing implementation of all those features in the client. Too many people think writing whole feature complete and well designed apps is something that can be done in a few hours, by one person, when in reality it can take months or years with whole teams of people.

  • @dobey Yeah thats what I meant 😉

  • @marlboro50 Ring to my knowledge works like Tox, and we can't have Tox because it needs to ping everyone very frequently, which means, either you wont get messages/call's unless you're in the app when someone calls you, or you'll have to make an exemption for the app using Ubuntu Tweak Tools, so it can get around the limited background services.

  • uMatricks has video calling, I dont know if it still works, however, if it does, someone might be able to look at the code, take the a/v part, and build a new UI, to make a great a/v only app.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat

    I've had no problems logging in to fluffychat, but no luck with UM. What am I supposed to write in the Homeserver URL? I have tried to just leave what is there already, but to no avail. It just gets stuck in the log-in rotating animation.
    Would love to get videocall working!!

  • @Lindisfarne That depends on what homeserver you use, if you use then you use the homeserver, type that in.

    Theres been a lot of updates on Matrix's side and umatricks hasn't been updated in a VERY long time, so it might be broken, but its worth a shot.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat thanks. I'll try that 🙂

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