Ubuntu Touch Q&A 52 Saturday 15th June @ 19:00 UTC

  • The 52nd Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday the 15th June at 19:00 UTC. Please join us for Ubuntu Touch development, updates and answers to your questions! Post them here before the event and Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the live show.

    Live Show : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5sf7v0JIes

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered

  • There has been a lot of progress on Morph-browser, thanks, but there are still too many sticking points on it for a browser easy daily use. What do you think of this situation ?

  • @UBportsNews Will it be included xenial_-_new-bluez in an OTA?

  • Hi guys.
    Any news/update regarding a future Dekko2 Hackathon? Thank you in advance.

    Keep up the good work!

  • hi all!
    inspired by the question on New badge for Yumi? I have a new question:

    • how official choices will be made under the UBports Foundation? (aka what will be the decision chain?)

      • There will be polls?
      • Which choices will be extended to the whole forum community and when or will be they all limited to Board of trustees/Board Members/Sponsors and Associate Members /Advisory Board/Board of Directors?
      • What will the timing be that you intends to impose between the new problem / question, the vote and the end of the voting period?
      • To whom the "official" questions should be directed or where should be asked?

  • Are there any plans - ongoing or not - to upgrade Halium-'s base to android 9? If not, what would have to be done to do so?

  • @Leppa said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 52 Saturday 15th June @ 19:00 UTC:

    Are there any plans - ongoing or not - to upgrade Halium-'s base to android 9? If not, what would have to be done to do so?

    This has been asked/answered many times in different forms. Short answer is yes, we want to support newer devices that are android 8+ based. There is a project called hidl to help enable this. However, immediate priority is stabilizing the system and getting some things updated to latest versions, so it's easier to keep things stable going forward. Supporting new devices doesn't really help with that, and makes it more difficult, since there's more devices to test on, so it's a bit on the backlog at the moment.

  • Hi UBports I have a question about games. games such as quake and others can be executed? because there I constantly test quake Nexuiz (yes I'm greedy lol) but I hope that with the updates of mir and Unity 8 it will work! I wish you that it works! a hello from France Regards!

  • In the dutch language group, someone joined who wanted to possibly pay for the development of a native app. This app would be to access a commercial service that already has native apps on Android and IPhone. He was asking in what way the UBPorts foundation could assist that commercial company in creating such an app?

    • Would the foundation legally be allowed to go into contract with this outside company to build that app for them in exchange for payment? (and what if that outside company required this to be a closed-source app?)
    • What ways does UBPorts have to assist outside developers in developing apps, who may not be familiar with the UT platform?

  • Sorry to hear of Marius' grandfather passing away. I would not expect him to be present tonight, but I pray he and others are comforted in their loss.

    Regarding Pinephone I wonder if there is any update on how it is performing / what (if any) blockers for full usability (camera / power consumption / mobile network / etc.) there are or how it is looking?

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