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  • Hi Community, I'm newbie here (but not in Linux/Ubuntu world!!) I want leave Android world and move here so I'm trying to buy Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu but I can't find it (tried the official website, Ebay, Amazon, google shopping.. several ways!!)
    I suppose devices with it preinstalled are too old and no more made by Companies.
    Some suggestion, please?
    Thank you

  • @loveubuntu hi, I've moved your post to OT because this category suits it better 🙂

    AFAIK it's almost impossible to buy a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition so your next best option is to buy a Meizu Pro 5 and install UT on it. I have to warn you: that's not an easy way but it's possible to do it. You can find some threads about it on this Forum.

    If that "solution" doesn't convince you, you can buy a different supported device. Please see https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

  • I recently bought a 1+1 off ebay for $100, but between it and my nexus 5 I'd recommend the nexus for a super smooth user experience and small footprint. The extra ram in the 1+1 makes the OS more stable and it has storage galore, but the system just isn'tas smooth with slight stuttering in things like the app spread.

    No point seeking rare hardware unless you really have to.

  • There are currently no new pre-installed Ubuntu touch devices available though that will probably change when the Pine phonelPine phone becomes available. So yes until that arrives it will need be one of these devices https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/
    Personally I use the OPO on a daily basis but also have a nexus5. These two tend to be the easiest to get hold of and are now relatively cheap from various online sources.

  • Really thank you for your answers, guys!! 🙏
    Any chance to have a more modern device?
    I know, community goes slower than a Company!
    We'd find a new "Canonical" or ask to Canonical to go back to this project!
    I strongly believe it's a great time now with this technological war USA Vs Huawei to have an interesting percentage of the market, isn't it?
    We need to boost Ubuntu touch! Too slow now and new people like me interested having problem simply to buy an UT smartphone!! It isn't a good stuff
    What do you think?

  • @loveubuntu said in Where to buy Device:

    I strongly believe it's a great time now with this technological war USA Vs Huawei to have an interesting percentage of the market, isn't it?

    What do you think?

    🙂 Yes! It is a really interesting and important moment for mobile devices, and a real opportunity for Linux. And what's more, manufacturers are seeing the opportunity too. As @Lakotaubp suggested, there are a couple of hardware projects in development; perhaps the most interesting one for us being the PinePhone, though there is also the Librem5 which promises the ability to run UT.

    FWIW, I maintain that the guys currently working on UT are doing an excellent job of developing the OS: it's in far better shape now than it ever has been. I'm really excited by the prospect of running a purer Linux version of the OS on a phone.

  • For french people, it is sometimes possible to find a compatible UT phone here :

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