Google will not allow Ubuntu Touch to sync any more from July 15 2019 on

  • Hi @Lakotaubp

    Thank you for your reply.

    I was able to log into my Google security settings from the UT phone using the Morph browser.
    When I try to sync the contacts I get the same error after entering my email address and clicking the next button. When I click on Sync my contacts with Google is that also using the Morph browser?


  • @ko You should not need to enter the account again into the Contact app. It should all sync from the Account s Settings. It may take sometime and a restart.

  • Hello, today I found out, that my calendar is not syncing. It said that I need to login again. So I tried, the google account login came up, I filled the email, clicked next and it complained, that I use outdated browser and will not login (like in above posts).

    Some suggestions on forums said, it will work, when I remove the google account and then add it again from Settings->Accounts. I did it and now I have no contacts, nor calendar, cause I'm not able to add account due to outdated browser complains.

    I'm on FP2, rc channel. In google settings I have (and allways had) turned on the setting to allow less secure apps login.

    Does your syncing with google work (contacts, calendar). Can you remove and then add your google account without fail?

    Thanks for answers.

  • @jezek Mine is still syncing. Just tested the calendar. As well as the insecure app thing I also have sign in on another device set up. Though I tried to set someone else's account up on mine and it would not accept it even with insecure apps set up.

  • @jezek Did you try any of the 2FA methods? I have another android device which helps in this. Also though not ideal when setting up my OP3 early on I had to get contacts on by exporting in .vcf format and copying accross and set up a nextcloud account and sync for calendar and notes. There are also apps for android that will sync Caldev with a google calendar. Not ideal as I said but I don't know of any perfect fix. I have not as yet got contacts to sync correctly with nextcloud.

  • @stanwood @Lakotaubp Thank you for your suggestions. The workaround suggested by @stanwood worked.

    @Lakotaubp Heh, I would get my answer even without making a post in other place. 😃 Thaks again.

  • @stanwood Thank you - the workaround worked for me
    @Lakotaubp thanks for all your help

  • @stanwood Worked for me. Thank you very much.

  • Great to see that it works for everyone. Will this workaround be implemented by default in OTA13?

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