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  • what will be the future for launcher modular now that drawer replaced scopes?
    It will be possible to use launcher modular like a widget over the empty screen left by the app scopes?
    Maybe that now that we have the drawer the main page where apps can be launched should be redisigned?

  • Yep +1 for those questions, edge has been merged in the devel channel so the default launcher changed and there is nothing in the home screen anymore. It would be awesome to have launcher modular there.

  • @Fla @Josué

    We try to make sure we have the same behavior as on the STABLE channel.

  • @syper I'm not sure that's possible given that scope was deeply integrated into Unity 8.
    Best thing you can do is just opening launcher modular as a normal app and maybe pinning it next to the "Ubuntu" button.

  • @kugiigi

    It is true that it is not easy and that it may be the solution that we will put in place but we try anyway.
    Thank you for your support.

  • @syper hm, with edge now merged in devel the current behavior of stable will disappear pretty soon (with the OTA-12 release). So why worry about it? You can target the new code now as that's the one which will be shipped to everybody.

  • @Fla The future of Launcher Modular depends on the use we can make of it.

  • @syper sorry I don't get what you meant?

  • @Fla said in Launcher Modular:

    @syper sorry I don't get what you meant?

    I mean that Launcher Modular must have a different way to interact and not be content with what ubports offers.
    that's why we try to do better than a simple foreground.

    Sorry for my bad english i'm french.

  • @syper I really hope you find a solution to keep it working with the coming update to unity - It's a far better user experience compared to a 'standard' app drawer with just the unity side bar (never been a big fan of unity anyway 😉 - neither on the desktop)
    Keep up your good work and fingers crossed you can solve the problems that might occur

  • @syper have you talked to Dalton about that?
    @UniSuperBox what is the best way to integrate the launcher modular efforts into unity? Did I get it right (from our last discussion) that you like the "widget part" more than the app launching part?

  • @hummlbach
    Not yet but there is still time before Edge

  • @hummlbach

    I think if you swipe from left to right it should open instead of the app drawer and if you press the unity button the "normal" app drawer opens. I hope you understand what I mean. 😓

  • @makeixo said in Launcher Modular:

    I think if you swipe from left to right it should open instead of the app drawer and if you press the unity button the "normal" app drawer opens. I hope you understand what I mean.

    Yes I understand, it's a good idea! to see if this can be do

  • @syper Or you leave the app drawer like it is and swipe it up from the bottom. The bottom is "empty" anyway. This way it would be more like an extra feature and you dont have to decide one or another.

    Maybe thats easier to implement as well.

    edit: If I am thinking about it - I am travelling and a little bit bored 🙂 - I see for the bottom side 3 possible behaviors.

    1. it works like the top menu. You open it by swiping up and when move to one side or another you select the side/scope as well

    2. You swipe it up like a “normal” launcher. It could be appear more like a translucent overlay.

    3. You tap once or twice on the homescreen, then at the bottom the “scope“ symbol panel appeas at the bottom and by pressing it the "scope side" opens.

    Just to give a little input. Maybe you find something you like. 🙂

  • I'm thinking on a desktop-phone convergence and IMHO I like the drawer as is now, but it would make sense if launcher modular could be integrated in the drawer as the old scopes from Unity 7 was integrated.
    The other way it would be to find a way to integrate it on de desktop background working as a widget, It would fit correctly as a widget on a desktop?
    It is just an a Idea, since i'm not a developer i don't know if it could be done ^_^'

  • Thank you for your ideas I would look at what is possible to do.
    Thanks also for the donations.

  • This launcher is really good and with the round icons the launcher looks incredibly great. I also use it as my standard launcher and I hope it will be further developed in the future.
    Unfortunately some tabs like the news are not working for me.

  • @Invy Have you installed the SimplestRSS application to put your news in an rss feed?

    The purpose of the launcher is to operate using data from other applications.

  • @syper Thanks for the advice. My mistake. With SimplestRSS the News-Tab is working fine now.

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