GPS location service on N5 not working at all

  • After 15 minutes I got a signal and it works. When I close the unav app and open it again, the signal comes very fast.

    Now after a reboot it takes a long time again.

  • Thx, but there is everything fine and works like described - I only have the problem that after a restart the location is NOT detected after some minutes

  • I have similar issues with location on my Nexus 5 since updating to OTA-10.

  • Tested on Pro 5 , location GPS fix within 20 seconds.

  • @lyovushka On my N5 with OTA10, I had to wait about 2 to 4 minutes top to get a fix using uNav...
    Have you restarted your phone after the update ?

    I usually do a reboot after seeing if my apps still work...
    Maybe it's just superstition, but I feel it helps...

  • @AppLee I have restarted the phone.

    Here is the full story. It took about 30 minutes to get a a fix in uNav. Afterwards uNav would get a fix instantly, but other applications wouldn't. After restarting the phone uNav struggles too. I have just waited 5 minutes, and there is no fix in sight. It used to be (almost) instantaneous before the update.

  • We removed the geolocation-based GPS assistance. That was necessary in terms of a very broken implementation and also licensing issues. So now all phones rely solely on GPS, which, when cold-started, can take a while to get a fix.
    We know this was not optimal, but sometimes you need to break things to get them right. We hope to come back with an assisted solution soon to get faster location updates.
    Android does have a lot of assistances around GPS, and also the GPS is turned on more or less all of the time, so it takes only seconds. But this involves more battery usage, and also we do not want to use GPS when its not needed.

  • I tried yesterday the functionality of GPS outside using the SIM - and it worked good! Nearly better than before.

    Coming back home trying WLAN connection it takes again a long time to get a GPS signal. Everytime you need it.


    If Android is nearly always trying to find the location - we could think about to have a third option - offering something like an 'accu-optimized location prefetch' - additionally to 'on' and 'off'. Just an idea.


  • Since the getting a fix on location is done solely via gps now, it makes since it would work better when outside.

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