Bluetooth pairing with car audio system

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    I'm trying to pair a Oneplus One with the audio system in my Subaru
    The phone finds the system but doesn't bring up a screen to input the pin code generated, it then fails to connect.
    This topic has been posted b/4 and have not found any solutions !!!!!!!!!!
    Would appreciate some help.

  • @Elpibe :
    First of all: uninstall the bluetooth file transfer app if installed.
    I'm not an expert in bluetooth at all, but the pairing should also work over the command line. The terminal app lets you start bluetoothctl. Then you can try:
    agent on
    discoverable on
    scan on
    pair [your car]
    trust [your car]
    connect [your car]
    (please check the internet for more information)
    I used these steps to connect two rasperry pies. "agent on" should be responsible for bringing up the pairing procedure.
    In my case i tried the N5 with a volvo over the normal procedure. Pairing works, but i can't make phonecalls.
    Good luck!

  • @Elpibe I have the exact same problem with my 2015 Subaru audio system and posted it under a different thread some time ago. This pairing problem seems - at least in part - also be caused by the Subaru audio system and not only by UBtouch. I had no problems pairing my FP2 or N5 with audio systems in several rental cars from different companies (Nissan Micra, Hyundai Accent and Ford Mustang) with music player, contacts and phone calls mostly working (some funny behavior on the Nissan when accepting incoming calls). I will try htc_tatoo's command line solution.

  • I have a Nexus 5, I can pair bluetooth with my car in the original radio , does not work with calls, you get the ringtone but when you pick up does not work, only works in music app and cloud music app, if I use some music webapp does not work either but it works webapp in a non-original radio that I have in another car (Pionner).
    I think that the original radios of new vehicles have something that does not work well, my daughter with an android is unpaired at the time of connecting, sometimes it works and other times not.


  • @Josele13 Confirming the bluetooth telephony problem with a Nexus 5.

    I tested Bluetooth yesterday and a Nexus 5 has no functional Bluetooth for telephony. This is a serious issue since the primary use of any phone is to make calls. It connects fine. But when making a call, there is no Mic signal sent over bluetooth (i,e. other party cannot hear the Nexus 5), and the sound comes out overdriven and distorted from the other party.

    This was tested on an outgoing call. I did not test an incoming call.

  • @rob , Yes, I tested the Nexus 5 again with my other car, which has a Pionner, I paired the phone and mobile by bluetooth, does not work incoming calls and outgoing calls, I hear the ringtone on the radio but when I pick up the phone , sounds nothing.

  • Bluetooth issues for calls is a know issue for some time if I remember correctly.
    But I don't remember if it's a Nexus5 issue or a general bug.

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