Login to TELEport: No SMS option

  • After the update of the phone of my wife, she needed to re-subscribe to her tg account, but there is no option to receive the login code by another way than tg itself. Do we missed something?

  • @guru that is handled by telegram (server) not by teleports (the client) I think...(?) Normally telegram sends you a telegram message instead of SMS if theres another "active" session/client somewhere.

  • @hummlbach I don't think so. The tg client on my business iPhone let me choose between code by tg or SMS. The old (now unsupported) UT tg client let me even choose for being called (though never used this).

    (Deleted the sticker question here and moved it to a better new place.)

  • I have another problem with start of Teleports. I got the code via SMS but I cannot fill it in. Refused with: Falsche Authentifizierungscodel√§nge. Device Moto G2 titan.

  • @guru okay, so in the case of teleports its decided by telegram in the way somehow i've described. (just tested, got the code via sms)

  • @hummlbach Well, in the case of my wife who had no other subcription to tg as from her old UBphone (OTA-15) tg: I updated her device this morning to UPports and after hours of problems I tried subscribe her phone number with TELEports and it said the code was sent to her tg ... I ended up creating her phone number as account in my business iPhone, the tg server sent a SMS to her number and all was fine.

    Forgot: Hours later she complained about the missing stickers in TELEport and I installed her again the old tg client in UBports and was asked if I want to have the code via being called or via tg.

  • Yes there may be cases in which it was good to let the user decide how the code is transfered.

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